If your plane crashed on an island, which current or former basketball players...

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  1. Ballboy9092

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    do you want to have survived with you?

    Let's say you are traveling by private jet for a big budget I-Club circuit with current and/or former basketball players and you plane crashes on an unknown island. What five players do you want to have survived with you? Why? Who would you rather not have with you? The island may be deserted, or there may also be hostiles already living there.

    I'll start:
    Chris Kingsbury. Pro: If you could be sure he's on your side, the guy never saw a fight he didn't like. Con: Need to be sure he's on your side.

    Greg Helmers. Pro: In case we need to steal supplies from hostiles. Con: Easy to lose track of like a Yeti.

    Troy Skinner. Pro: He's a team player, and would be sneaky quiet in the forest. Con: Doesn't ever shoot.

    Alvin Robinson: Pro: Comedic relief. Con: None. He is on the list.

    Gerry Wright: Pro: Huge hands for gathering food. Con: Sir Jam-a-lot may need to be king.

    Bonus: John Strief. Healing powers like an aloe plant.

    Don't want:
    Jay Webb. Bad hands.
    Pierre Pierce. Not to be trusted.
  2. GhostofBTT

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    Dude, this is a wierd *** question.
  3. SwirlinLingerie

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    Do they have to be Iowa basketball players from the men's team?
  4. Ballboy9092

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    Swirlin, I suppose it could be either.
  5. SwirlinLingerie

    SwirlinLingerie Well-Known Member

    I agree with Ghost - weird question. How long you been chewing on this one?

    Were you actually a ball boy for the Hawks in the early 90s?
  6. HawkForce

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    hahhahaa what question is this?? and I can see where swirlin is going
  7. knighthawk13

    knighthawk13 Well-Known Member

    Tia Jackson it is then!
  8. SwirlinLingerie

    SwirlinLingerie Well-Known Member

    Jaime Printy is pretty cute - but she's like 18. Great, now I feel like a dirty old man. Thanks Ballboy...appreciate the weird question that ended up making me feel like a pedophile.
  9. HawkeyeShane

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    I couldn't narrow it down to 5...had to go with 6.

    Ed Horton: We'll need an a$$ kicker if there are hostiles on the Island...

    B.J. Armstrong: Our band of Hawks will need a leader...

    Chris Kingsbury: Someone's going to have to help us turn berries into booze once the beverage cart runs out of liquor...

    Jeff Moe: Gotta have someone to party with once Chris passes out...

    Andre Woolridge: He'll be the first player drafted in the HSBA...since the NBA didn't give him much of a shot...and he'll be an all-star in his rookie season...

    Jamie Printy: Gotta have some eye candy...and since we're stuck on an island, she'll no doubt fall for me, despite there being a bunch of stud former players to choose from, because I'll no doubt look great after losing a bunch of weight eating berries and bugs for 6 months...
  10. ddiction

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    John Lickliter, because he wouldn't eat much, so there would be more coconuts for me.
  11. HawkeyeShane

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    Your screen name is "SwirlinLingerie" and you're mad about feeling like a dirty old man...NOW??? :p

    But due to the "pedophile" angle, I'd like to say that my scenario doesn't play out until 2014...:eek:
  12. SwirlinLingerie

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    HawkeyeShane, aren't you a basketball fan? Swirling lingerie is one of Bill Raftery's, the greatest announcer in college basketball history, signature lines. Nothing dirty about that.

    I'd take Todd Lickliter. If we were stuck on an island and nobody could leave, then we'd finally find out if he could actually coach.
  13. HawkeyeShane

    HawkeyeShane Well-Known Member

    I'm a big college basketball fan...but other than "the kiss" and "onions"...I'm not to up to speed on Raf's catch phrases...and thanks for killing any sexual inuendo I may have thought it referred to, SL...:(

    Also, kudos on your point about Lickliter...VERY well played! :D
  14. storminspank

    storminspank Justin VanLaere

    Tyler Smith, Tony Freeman, Jake Kelly, David Palmer, and Jeff Peterson... they are good at getting out of bad situations.
  15. HawkeyeShane

    HawkeyeShane Well-Known Member

    And this is called "the money shot"...

    Well played, Mauer...~Sony PlayStation CEO
  16. NewMexHawk

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    Female bb players...lots of them.
  17. thejumper5

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    Kyle Galloway. He was supposedly a genius, so he probably would find a way off the island pretty quickly.

    Doug Thomas. I would climb on his back and he would jump from island to island until we made it home.

    Reggie Evans. If we had to fight anyone, he would fight dirty.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cv1cBN8M-9I]YouTube - Reggie Evans Grabs Chris Kaman's Private Parts[/ame]
  18. tm3308

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    Weird question, but I'll play along anyway. Chris Street for sure. He was a family friend, and I was just a few months short of my 3rd birthday when he died. I would have loved to get to know him.

    And Jaimie Printy is definitely good looking. And since I'm just 20, I don't feel like a pedophile saying that lol.
  19. busabus114

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    I'm pretty rattled by this question. Someone really put the time into thinking about this and constructing a pro and con list?

  20. tm3308

    tm3308 Well-Known Member

    Yeah just a little creepy lol. I had simple, good reasons for my two picks haha.