IIRC Stanzi and Stanley only to win 3 bowls, another one coming??

Discussion in 'Football' started by uihawk82, May 26, 2020.

  1. uihawk82

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    Watching a couple of You Tube hawk highlights made me think about this. I think Long won two, texas and tenn, in 5 bowl games (and most of us remember he got some crazy ruling to play 5 years). Well that was great for all three of those QBs and Beathard has the honor of the only 12-0 season at QB.

    So if Petras/next QB is as good/better than Nate/Ricky and has a really very good cast around him could he be 3-0 in bowl games?
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  2. RobHowe

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    Bowl games are tough to predict. Usually, the better regular season you enjoy, the tougher the opponent. And with the B1G agreements, member teams often play up against opponents finishing higher in their conference standings.

    I really don't want to see any more Pinstripe Bowls.
  3. uihawk82

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    I am not sure what it was or is but it seems KF has got his and the teams mojo up for ISU and bowl games with the current win streaks. Overall better special teams has helped. I thought Miss St and USC's "athletes" would maybe not dominate but would win out making a few more bigger plays. And it just goes to show what some big time play makers like Wadley, Smith-Marsette, Tracy, Goodson, King , Jackson, can do to change the scoreboard. And it seems the synergy of Parker's defense is better than ever.

    Negatory on the Pinstripe Bowl.
  4. Stanzi

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    As someone who led us to one of those 3-0 records I sure hope Petras/whoever is able to join the club!
  5. okeefe4prez

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    Nah, mercifully the conference has gotten lucky in a few of the recent years because OSU didn't make the playoff and that left us in a spot of drawing lower matchups. This year we had a helluva matchup against USC and no one picked us to win.

    That said, I think Petras will be the first Iowa QB to win 6, yes 6 bowl games. He will go 6-0 in the CFP and no one will ever match that record.
  6. RobHowe

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    Mississippi State was favored by a touchdown and was ranked No. 18 nationally when facing Iowa in the '19 Outback Bowl.
  7. judzeehawk

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    Mississippi St. thought they had an easy win for sure. :)
  8. guffus

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    When Petras wins the national championship game after the 2021 season, will that also count as a bowl win?
  9. Briggs32

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    That defense was nasty. Hands down the best D in the country in 2018. They held Bama's juggernaut of an offense to season lows in points and yards IIRC. Held Iowa to 199 total yards and -15 rushing yards. Take out that 75 yard pass to Easley....yikes. It was fun to watch us beat them though.
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  10. okeefe4prez

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    Yes, I'm counting those as bowl wins. That's how I get him up to 6 bowl wins.
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  11. Hawkfnntn

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    Not if he goes pro early...
  12. hawkeyebob62

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    Steve Deace had an interesting view on the bowls as a result of all the panic. He basically said NY6, plus good bowls, plus "good destination" bowls were probably still in play. But, places like NYC, Boston, Detroit, and Boise were probably, along with bowls with international travel involved, doomed. I assume he meant for this season, but who knows?

    A bowl season capped at NY6, plus title game, plus 26 others (32, plus title game), should probably be the limit.

    Then again, I LOVE bowl season, so...
  13. okeefe4prez

    okeefe4prez Well-Known Member

    Nah, most of the bowl games have crowds that are well under the capacity of "social distancing" limits. I get calling off the NYC game, but the rest would be fine. Lousiana Tech versus Akron is solely a made for TV affair to give ESPN some content to show on a Tuesday night in December.
  14. hawkeyebob62

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    Uh, La Tech or Akron may be your G5 rep in NY6, so that post is a total non-starter.
  15. 4thngoal

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  16. Northside Hawk

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    That would mean six bowl wins in a row and there's nothing wrong with that.

    And Kirk would really be climbing the ladder for all time bowl wins.
  17. uihawk82

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    The hawk defense was super tough and gave up just a couple of big plays. MSU got a short TD after a pick iirc but the hawk D forced at least one fumble recovery for a short field, a pop up ball on a bull rush for a pick and short field, and a possible TD saving INT.

    Those two turnovers giving very short fields is the same as our offense gaining about 120 yards so add that to the 199 yards gained. Plus they really turn Big Mo and dishearten the opponent.
  18. Northside Hawk

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    Our linebackers and defensive backs took over the game in the second half. State's receivers were coming up with alligator arms, with Gervase's pick in the end zone of what should have been a TD a perfect example. We were whacking their receivers all over the field.

    Didn't one of their receivers have his eyes roll back after being knocked out of the game? Our defense was physical as hell and their defense was hurt by a targeting ejection if I recall correctly.
  19. chucktownhawk

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    Fuck those guys, glad we won. And the Miss St blogger went fucking ballistic
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  20. judzeehawk

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    The blogger was icing on the cake! What a great ending to a fantastic butt kicking we gave them!
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