I’m done with Fran

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    The truth hurts? I hate it. I can assure you of that. I remember the days when hugging and kissing your radio really was a “thing”, you never missed a shirts v skins on Sat morning because you never knew what national recruit you’d see, pining all week for football Saturday when top rated teams came to town or we traveled in September to face another heavyweight. A real scrimmage in the spring, primetime in the sweaty city high gym with numerous nba talents running up and down the floor. I’m sorry I miss those days and want more. But I do. And I am too damn old to be any other way
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    This oughta be good.

    Let’s hear your defense of Fran and this team.

    “It was the refs and Minnesota and MSU shot really well and the bus ride was cold and they didn’t have enough water bottles in the locker room and we should be thankful for what we have because Fran is a nice man and all these kids work their butts off.”
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    Let's wait to see how good his second son is :)
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    There is little to no defense.

    Road teams won all over the league this weekend. Maryland whipped these same Gophs on that same floor a couple weeks ago. My worst fears were realzed when I thought we could have a MSU hangover tonight. Fran has been around long enough to know there may have been a let down tonight and to guard against it.

    Where do we go from here? We don't play until Michigan at home on Friday. I would lock down the basketball facilities until Wednesday and give the players a break. They would then have two days to go hard and prepare for Michigan. It's gonna be too cold to do much of anything else anyway.
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    At least you are finally getting the message.
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    Iowa wins if Fran benches Cook. He was terrible on both sides of the court.
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    Fran can't coach worth a shit. We know this by now.
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    Known this for LONG LONG TIME!!
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    And when your teams have been this bad for this long, the tirades start to come off as cry babying rather than sticking up for your team. I don’t remember the last lost we had, close or blowout, where Fran didn’t go psycho at some point.

    Even the super awkward stare down he had with Rob after the MSU game was way overboard. I didn’t think it was an unreasonable or low blow question at all. He just asked if he thought they were aggressive enough and the foul totals would even suggest that. Fran gave him the weird googly eyes and then got all red faced and animated like Rob just kicked his dog or something.

    I don’t know what he’s upset about anyway. He’s got the second most secure job in the state by a country mile.
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    We’ve played extremely well when both Cook and Bohannon were on the bench, and that’s not just exaggeration.
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    And just to be clear, Fran is going nowhere. He’ll limp out a couple more short extensions until Pat graduates and retire to some consultancy job somewhere.
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    Fran sucks.
    And I'm really starting to think the Fran apologists are secretly laughing at home when nobody is looking.
    I was fooled for a while. Nice one guys.
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    Garza, Cook (until the very end for Cook with his airballed front end of a 1 and 1 FT and fast break TO) and especially Moss all played well. Particularly leading up to the McCaffrey, Dailey, Baer, Till and Kreiner lineup. You're on the road, the game is still winnable but the wheels are falling off and you go with 4 scholarship players and not 1 of Cook, Garza, Moss, Weiskamp or Bohannon. Yes those last two had bad games but at least 2 of those 5 should be on the court as long as the outcome of the game is still in question.
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    Yep. One thing that frustrates me about this team is that our post players are the only ones who can consistently feed the post. Garza, Cook and Baer are hands down the best at that and both Connor and Jordan really struggle to do it well or consistently. That's a huge problem for our backcourt and an even bigger problem for our team.
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    I also wonder we we ever play man to man D for more than a possession or two lightly scattered throughout the game just to shake it up and then immediately go back to zone. We suck at man to man. It's just stubbornness on Fran's part and it costs this team games
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    Sure we had some guys playing well offensively but we have had 2 straight halves of bad defense so no free passes.
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    Let's be honest, ok? Fran is Bobby Knight without the coaching chops or success. Translation? Tiresome.
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    True. I’ve expressed this several times

    ROFLMAO!!!!!!!! Barta is that you???