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Discussion in 'Football' started by IowaTeddy, Jan 18, 2012.

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    We don't have any scholarship commits from Iowa high school players. Sokol is from Iowa apparently, but that doesn't really count. Plus, he and Simmons are Juco. Andre Dawson is going to walk on and maybe Malloy?

    Either way, this is interesting: Football Recruiting

    It's kind of shocking really. I don't know how to interpret this fact, but it sure doesn't seem good. I'm not commenting on the quality or quantity of recruits that Iowa has commitments from. I guess I'm commenting on the quality of In-state talent available. Darboh went elsewhere, and below him there is no one else? Weird to think about all of the kids that dream of being Hawks... apparently, none of them are good enough
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    Not too shocking, mainly just sad. It's going to continue unless you can figure out a way to bring more people to the state.
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    The funny thing is, ISU fans will give us all sorts of **** and tell us how many Iowa people we have playing right now - yup, and those same people tell us how ****** we are. :D

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    Good chance Nate shaw will get an offer.
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    it's 2006 all over again - that year iowa recruited 21 kids to campus and didn't have 1 IA kid until vandevelde was elevated from gray shirt to full scholarship offer at the end of the process. it's what makes iowa such an incredibly tough job.

    that same year, for example, Ohio State had a recruiting class of 20, of which 10 were Ohio kids, and 8 of those were 4 or 5 star rated players. So you have half of your class made up of 4/5 star ohio kids - probably didn't have to twist their arm too much to want to play for osu. Focus all your effort on a select few from out of state to wrap things up.

    ferentz doesn't get enough credit for the job he has done and is doing.
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    Iowa suffers from a really bad decision to move the capital to DM. That shifted the population center from larger Midwest population centers toward the vastly unpopulated plains. An Eastern Iowa capital could have basically created a population center running from the Illinios border through IC to CR. Instead, you get these freezing little hamlets that keep bleeding population.

    IC could have been another CBUS or Madison.
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    I have never heard that theory. Interesting to consider. CAAR, is that something you've studied or your own musings? I am genuinely curious.
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    Iowa did offer Barkley Hill but he had already committed to ISU and has stayed firm with that commitment.

    Some people thought Rogers from IC West was worth offer but Iowa coaches didnt agree so he too has gone to ISU.

    Main point of thread is lack of overall D1 talent in Iowa. Used to be CR and Waterloo had strong programs but the D1 talent has been missing lately
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    Iowa also offered Bevins but after he was committed to ISU.
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    I did my undergrad at Cal. They have a lot of development based courses - probably like ISU would have Ag classes. Some factors for growth change with transportation, etc. changes. (this is what happened to Miss River boomtowns that are now boarded up) But some are pretty constant, I.e., coastal, proximity to major population centers, government, etc.
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    They should kept the capital in Burlington and left well enough alone :rolleyes:
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    Being Iowa, we will likely take around 10 instate walk-ons...and unfortunatley at least 3 of them will be in the 2 deeps in a couple years.
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    Doesn't look like there were that many good in state recruits worthy of a scholarship. We will have Malloy and Imming as walk ons as well as Dawson and all are Iowa kids.

    There a few pretty good recruits next year that I hope Iowa gets including Sam Raridon, Jon Wisnieski, and Jake Compos.
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    I am always amused and sometimes confused on how far apart the opinions are when it comes to recruiting, are people complaining that we should get(recruit) more 2-3* kids from small schools in Iowa (rather them going to isu or elsewhere) or are they complaining we have too many of these same kids on the 2 deeps.

    Outside of a few years in the last decade (which, along with some abnormal recent attrition, has been the cause of current depth/talent issues) this staff has done well with recruiting, and even better at identifying and developing overlooked talent.

    ...or are some people just complaining....
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    While Iowa will always have more talent than ISU, it does seem a bit odd that they continue to not land 4 star products from the state. I wouldnt expect these kids to go to ISU, but its shocking how few go to Iowa too. I just dont get how Iowa has had many of these 4 star kids right in their back yard (DSM to IC) and let them slip away.

    ISU and Iowa both offered Hill, Bevins. ISU got both. Thats a pretty small sample size to think ISU is landing more talent in the state.
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    If you're referencing me, I'd like you to know that I'm not complaining. And I don't want Iowa to sign more 2-3* prospects, just because they're Iowans. That would be ill-advised. I mean to say that it's an interesting fact; and it reveals the huge disadvantage that Iowa faces.

    How many BCS programs, competitive BCS programs, sign ZERO in state kids? Among all of the teams named the University of ...(state name)... how many are 100% out of state with scholarship commitments?

    I think there was a previous comments about the 4* players from eastern iowa or des moines that Iowa can't sign lately. To me, that is the main problem. Darboh, Christian French, Hoch brothers (missouri) all the way back to Adrian Arrington; all of these guys come to mind. Some will argue that they actually aren't that good, and them going elsewhere isn't a huge deal. Maybe so, I think Darboh is overrated and I heard many things about how Christian French was a mediocre player. But I still wanted Iowa to sign them. And equally important, if there is absolutely no second tier of quality in state recruits available (3* kids), then that is a problem.

    I understand that usually there are a handful of quality (3*) recruits available, and a lot of the time they want to be Hawkeyes. Usually, there are kids like Austin Blythe and Henry Krieger-Coble, who end up turning into good players. But the fact that there aren't any this year scares me.
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    how many 4 star iowa players has iowa not landed? I can think of two, who I assume were 4* players - Arrington and Darboh. Who else?
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    ISU got both before Iowa offered. I think that's a pretty important thing to mention.