Inability for Iowa Football to develop QBs...

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    1st point: I have had a couple of hours to think about this topic. Over and over again during the Kirk Ferentz era we see quarterbacks progressively regress instead of progress. Most recently arguably CJ should have started during Rudock’s senior year but then Jake moves on to Michigan and found success. CJ graduates from Iowa and seems to find more success at the NFL level as well. I truly question the ability of the Iowa football program to develop a quarterback for success. They can develop linemen and certainly tight ends and defensive backs but the quarterback position just doesnt seem to improve with the individual player over time.
    2nd point: It seems throughout the KF era the more senior QB rather than the better QB is played. Case in point- Jake Rudock over CJ during Jakes senior season. I hate comparing to the little brother to the west but, they went through 3 guys and seem to have found there guy as a true freshman. We played Mansell 1 play in a crappy trick play situation when there were clear indications to pull Nate. We will continue to watch Stanley throw behind or at the target’s feet the rest of the year.
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