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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by herbyhawk, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. herbyhawk

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    Kozan; the other site has quoted him as still having interest in the hawks
    he will be attending this game as well as Garmon and some other Iowa recruits from the sounds of the interview there will be a majority of the top prospect that are playing in the Semper Feides AA Game attending
    this will be a good time for Iowa to put on their best game face
  2. thejumper5

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    Interesting. I hadn't thought about the Semper Fi kids getting a chance to attend the game. Hopefully they enjoyed the game and liked what they saw.
  3. NewMexHawk

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    Well at least Iowa put on a great show for the potential recruits. Oh wait, Iowa has no sizzle and the recruits saw every bit of that...
  4. JonDMiller

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    They saw 20,000+ Iowa fans follow their team at a bowl game half way across the country...they probably saw opportunities for playing time, too. So I don't think it was a horrible thing. Let's just hope they don't know how to get on to Iowa message boards ;)
  5. herbyhawk

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    they saw a pretty good game against a team they were expected to lose by 2 TD'S
    if not for a busted 1 yard run to get a 1st down that ended up TD they were within 10
    and Iowa did hang with a preseason #1 team that is supposed to be loaded with 4 & 5
    * talent
  6. papathawki

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    My sentiments exactly Jon.
  7. herbyhawk

    herbyhawk Banned

    not to mention, Garmon has to be drooling about the chance to start when he gets here after seeing the rb's in front of him play
  8. superfan12

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    Love this attitude from Negative Nancy, at least not all of us are like you