Iowa #15 on ESPNU's Linebackers of the 2000s

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    It's list season!

    an arrest season.
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    Should be top 10 honestly when is the last time Iowa had a bad linebacker? What do they have 7 on NFL rosters right now? A few that were pretty notable players in the NFL as well.
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    Go read the article and the methodology.
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    From the other thread.

    They are using a point system that is biased toward exceptional talent.
    10 points - Award Winning
    8 points - All American
    8 points - First round draft
    6 points - Coaches first team all conference.
    4 points - NFL draft round 2-4
    2 points - NFL draft round 5-7

    As you can see having even a single award winner will really pile up the points in the other categories as well. The teams that are really going to get knocked consistently produce serviceable talent. This only estimates the amount of exceptional talent but tends to skimp on the next level. I think a more complete version of this would have given 2 points for second team all conference.
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    Dallas Clark compiled something like a third of our TE points.

    If I could tweak the formula, I'd include NFL playing time, which isn't included at all.
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    I'm from SEC country and all my friends give me a hard time for bragging on my Iowa LBs. They tried to claim they wouldn't be that good against sec competition but they all ate crow when they seen how good Iowa LBs played against LSU in the Outback bowl. GO HAWKS!
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    Aside from a couple of average defensive ends, Iowa's defense could keep up with just about anyone late in the year.
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    Am I the only one who remembers Stephen Hill running over, around and through our defense last year? I think the LBs over-ran that off-tackle play more than once and simply got run over the rest.

    Didn't Hill have 200 yards? If not, it seemed like it. Their 2nd string QB couldn't throw the ball and we still couldn't stop their run game.
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    That was an ugly game.

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    Yes, because there was no "Stephen" Hill in the LSU backfield...
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    Our defense and LBs still had a very good gm against a very good LSU team. Holding LSU to 21pts is not bad at all
  13. YWinston

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    Let's be real here. If Mettenberger was playing, they would have put up 40 points.
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    Meh, I take this with a grain a salt. All of us know Iowa should be higher than 15. Several of the top schools on this list include the 3-4 OLB which should be considered a DE.
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    Even with Mettenberger playing that gm I still don't think they would have hung 40 on us
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    Even with a QB that went 7/19 for 82 yards and a pick 6 (basically), they rushed for 220 yards. You don't think a senior QB NFL prospect throwing to NFL caliber receivers wouldn't have made a serious difference in that game?
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    Let's say mettenberger does play, but if we do that we have to agree that he's playing hurt. Right? You want to say he's an NFL caliber QB, you have to also include his faults. So he's playing with a torn ACL, against an Iowa defense that has six weeks to prepare for him. Kid can't plant to throw, uncorks a few interceptions because he's throwing off his back foot all the time, the Hawks pick him off and finally Miles puts the back up in anyways.

    That's what would've happened if the kid did play. "Well, if he didn't have a torn ACL", he did. And if Tom Brady played for us we would've won. He didn't.