Iowa 2-Deep for Northwestern Game

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Oct 21, 2019.

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    We don't know if he's better but if he was, he'd probably be getting some time. Its probably a matter of him not knowing the system as well as the coaches would like him to.

    A lot of people fell in love with Martin a few years ago obviously the local kid doing well, but Tracy, Ragaini, & Lockett would have probably been just as successful, if not more successful, as Martin if they were playing against the same level of high school competition.

    Lets not pretend that KF found those 3 guys on the scrap heap and Oliver was some blue chip can't miss player. Tracy was Indiana's GPOY & Lockett was all-state in Florida. And there have been plenty of great high school players from Iowa that couldn't make the transition to the B1G.
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    I wouldn’t read too much into the Hankins/moss thing. Phil’s going to ride the hot hand. As far as DJ Johnson? Same thing. Phil has shown to legitimately always have the best players in the backfield when needed. You could make the case penn state out schemed Iowa with hamler, but honestly, Michigan has better athletes at LB and in the backfield and had as little luck as Iowa did covering him.
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    Am I the only one who noticed that the most consistent player on the team, Keith Duncan, who has pretty much scored all of Iowa's points this year, is listed as a backup??? With Caleb Shudak listed ahead of him with an OR? That makes as much sense as listing Spencer Petras above Stanley with an OR between them. Strange.
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  5. westender

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    Lots of experts here who haven't seen or heard a down of practice.
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  6. westender

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    I am sure Duncan feels real slighted.
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  7. Robowe

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    Shudak kicks off and Duncan kicks FGs. So, they are both place kicking, right? :)
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    You are correct. Every time we went into that personnel grouping, Belton came on and Niemann ran off. At least that's how we played it on Saturday.
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    Listing your kick off specialist as the starting PK on your depth chart is akin to listing your long-snapper as the starting center. It defies all logic.

  10. Motigerhawk

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    Parker will be the biggest victim of the nepotism within the program. I could see BF firing him when he becomes HC and hiring his brother to be DC.
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    Actually, the long snappers are listed separately! And the holder! Leave it to you to find an issue in the two deep at kicker!

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    Good grief. Do you ever post anything that is not just flat stupid? Really?
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    thanks for confirming my last reply to your posts with this piece of garbage.
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    Moss has very good speed. Even when Purdue torched him last year, he was right with the receiver, but was not aggressive enough in his coverage.
  15. HuckFinn

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    you are correct. Niemann is a true linebacker, not a cash.
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    I'm okay trusting our staff with figuring out who to start. There is so much goin on behind the scenes... chemistry, putting in the work, head games with your opponent, etc.

    But I swear, if I see one more quick sideline pass for no gain I'm going to lose my shit. You hear me Brian!!? Remove that crap from our playbook!
  17. Motigerhawk

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    Im curious about the whole Martin situation. Surely KF didnt bring him back just to show him up.

    Is it a talent issue or a play book issue? I mean how hard is it to learn this play book? What is the issue. Any insider knowledge. I know Im begging here. But why would the guy transfer from scUM to Iowa, unless he was homesick or not very talented?
  18. ForeverHawk

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    I believe Moss still owns the Iowa high school record in the 110 hurdles. That’s pretty good straight line speed. He shut Bell down Saturday after Hankins got torched and had a pick and almost a second. I wouldn’t put too much stock in how he performed last year as a freshman.
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    Let's just see how this plays out on Saturday. You should all know that the depth charts don't mean a whole lot when it comes to Ferentz. If B Smith cant go, and it doesn't look like he will, let's just see how that rotation works out. If you want an example, look earlier in the season when IKM was listed but Goodson played when he wasn't listed.

    Saying all that though, I haven't seen any gross injustices as far as playing time. The guys that aren't playing are simply not as good as the guys that are. That includes Martin. Nico to me has shown more out of the slot with route running, ISM is faster, and Smith is bigger with great hands. And there is no way Martin was at the top of the depth chart at Michigan with DPJ and Collins and Bell and the other dudes that are all faster and bigger. That was just posturing.

    If Lockett plays, it will be because he is better at this point. Simple as that.
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    OMG! A Ferentz in charge of the defense?

    That be like putting Hillary Clinton in charge of the NRA.

    And how did we get forty posts into this thread and no mentions of nepotism with Dillon Doyle?

    My biggest fear with Brian getting the HC position is that few competent assistant coaches in their right mind will join his staff.

    Assistant coaches want stability first, the mobility to move onward and upward second. Who knows how stable this program will be when GarBar is allowed to hire a coach, or more accurately when the boosters are.
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