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Who wins and challenges Minny for the West title, and by how much?

Poll closed Nov 10, 2019.
  1. Iowa, by 3 or less

    12 vote(s)
  2. Iowa, by 7 or less

    14 vote(s)
  3. Iowa, by 10 or less

    5 vote(s)
  4. Iowa, by 11 or more

    5 vote(s)
  5. Wisky, by 3 or less

    0 vote(s)
  6. Wisky, by 7 or less

    14 vote(s)
  7. Wisky, by 10 or less

    17 vote(s)
  8. Wisky, by 11 or more

    14 vote(s)
  1. kicker22

    kicker22 Well-Known Member

    With a 27-24 tone I don't see either defense setting the tone. If the defenses are setting the tone I don't see either team putting up 20 or more.
  2. cincyhawk

    cincyhawk Well-Known Member

    Iowa hasn't given up a run of over twenty yards all season, held the #4 team in the country to 17 points, in a game they should have won, Jack Coan is awful, and Schott is back on the inside, where he was very good early in the year. Prepare to be surprised.

    Edit: bet the under though.
  3. 94HawkMA

    94HawkMA Well-Known Member

    Iowa's defense is good, but very vulnerable to the inside run. Taylor will run for 150+. Iowa's offense is ineffective on the road in big games. The offense can't adjust when there is a lot of crowd noise.

    Wisconsin 24 Iowa 6
  4. N8theGr8

    N8theGr8 Well-Known Member

    I have a hard time buying that Iowa gets held under 10 points. Wisconsin's defense has either blanked teams or given up at least 2 TD's. Iowa's lowest output of the season, 3 points, came in a trial by fire situation for a new offensive line configuration in AJ's first game back. The next lowest against Penn State was only a week later and we still managed over 10 points behind Stanley's 286 yards passing. I think we're healthier and better up front which will mitigate the primary factor in Iowa's 2 losses, Stanley getting pummeled. If Iowa keeps him moderately clean, I think we put up 17+ points. We have a more proven TE now that should give Stanley a bit more confidence in the red zone and makes Wiscy account for yet another target in our increasingly diverse passing attack. Spread the field to get Goodson and the running backs more space and our offense will have enough umph to do it's job.

    As for the defense, I think Phil has the guys talking a big game about bottling up Taylor. But, unless I missed something, that's always our MO. Bottle up the run and force the pass. I feel relatively comfortable with our linebacker situation and think we can contain Taylor to under 150 yards and a TD. Wiscy's passing game isn't anything special. NW made the blueprint and Illinois and OSU followed it. Coan is an excellent game manager, but he has yet to show the ability to win games when it's all on him. To his credit, I think he gets the ball where it needs to be, but they just don't have the horses at receiver that they usually do.

    I think Iowa shocks the Badgers at home and and takes it 17-13 behind 250 yards passing and 2 TD's from Stanley (one passing and one qb sneak over the goal line).
  5. phdsvp

    phdsvp Well-Known Member

    I will believe that Nate Stanley can win a game like this when I see it. Until then, Wisconsin by 9.
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  6. kicker22

    kicker22 Well-Known Member

    Our offense doesn't adjust when the crowd is silent...I might be joking, but I might not.
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  7. HawkeyeBK

    HawkeyeBK Active Member

    Wisky 21 - Iowa 9 The only way the Hawks win is if Stanley has a good/great game. Unfortunately, I think he will be getting pounded which will lead to mistakes.
  8. seepig

    seepig Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the insight very glad the Schott kid is back this week. I did not see the 2 deeps this week. That's good news. Coan is terrible particularly if you make him move a bit...can we get that done with the 4 man rush. The podcast from Wisconsin suggested that they aren't the usual studs on the Wisconsin OL so that's good. If we can play clean we have a better shot. The D is good enough to keep us in every game (recall we did give up 20 against a back up QB at Purdue).
  9. N8theGr8

    N8theGr8 Well-Known Member

    That Purdue score was padded in bogus time and was nowhere near as close as it appeared. We were up 19-10 with under 3 to go, held them to a FG, then accidentally punched in a TD too quick to go up by 26-13 about 40 seconds later. We went into prevent D and let them eat up the rest of the clock while trying to get out of there without any injuries. So really, 20 points is more like 13 considering that if Sargent wouldn't have burst through for the quick TD, it would have been 22-13. Just like those basketball games that get the final score padded with bogus time free throws.

    Also, very similar to last years 21-17 game that turned into 28-17 after the ball inexplicably bounced off a wide open Smith-Marsette's hands for an interception and a play to run out the clock went for a TD.
  10. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    I predict that by the end of the day the Badgers will have wished they had spent their Saturday watching a marathon of Duckman reruns.
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  11. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    Youre talking about the fullback counter to Ingle, which also cost us Nick Niemann for a month because he hurt his hamstring trying to run Ingle down.

    Niemann had just been beat in coverage against Davis or Taylor for the go ahead TD. Tough 4th quarter for Niemann.
  12. hawkeyebob62

    hawkeyebob62 Well-Known Member

    Not to mention the atrocious "false start" call against Purdue.
  13. Robowe

    Robowe Well-Known Member

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  14. NCHawker

    NCHawker Well-Known Member

  15. Robowe

    Robowe Well-Known Member

  16. Motigerhawk

    Motigerhawk Well-Known Member

    YES. We got a win in Mad Town.
  17. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    Are we really wearing those unis again tomorrow?

    If we get pasted and do it looking like Curious George's caretaker?
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  18. Ian Pike Hammer

    Ian Pike Hammer Well-Known Member

    The poll currently stands at 43-34, Badgers. Curiously, no-one thinks Iowa will lose by a FG
    or less.
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  19. proudhawkfan21

    proudhawkfan21 Well-Known Member

    Setting the tone by creating turnovers, scores, short fields
  20. BVHawk95

    BVHawk95 Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure they're just using an old pic, considering that's our lockeroom, and I doubt they brought that to Madison too.
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