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Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Jul 11, 2020.

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    Please keep conversation about the pandemic and how it relates to Iowa athletics in this thread. Please do not start other threads on this topic.
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    I think best case scenario is a March to mid-June season.

    If that actually happens and the NFL doesn't budge on its combine/draft dates, what current Iowa players do you think will skip out on the spring 2021 season and focus on the draft?
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    Cancel the football season. Give seniors another year of eligibility and keep them on scholarship, whether it’s their 4th or 5th year. Class of 2021 all redshirts. Rest of team maintains the eligibility status they have in 2020.

    Could do the same with basketball, I think. Tough to picture 10,000+ people in CHA until another year goes by.

    $$? Yes. I am not dumb. Power 5’s have a lot of bargaining power. Use it. 2021-2022 college sports will likely be a bonanza for hungry fans, and for the media as well.
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    That plan will devastate the recruitment and playing time of incoming freshman.. HS students don't get a do over. Why college?
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    For the first time in awhile please answer two questions.

    1.How will this “devastate” recruitment and playing time?
    2. When did HS sports become a subject of my post?

    Thank you.
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    Unless rosters expand, there is only so much room. Still, only 11 on the field at one time. Give them an extra year, and the incoming get shorted. It's math.

    As far as "in a while" not sure what you are talking about.
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    The “incoming” would redshirt. Many do anyway. Roster expansion could be an option, if only for a year.

    Math: Let’s use a squad of 100. 25 new recruits come on board and redshirt. Roster temporarily at 125. End of season, seniors leave, some juniors may go NFL, others will drop out, transfer, get hurt.

    So, You might guess that the 100 active players drops to 75 at season’s end. Then the 25 redshirts activate the following season and we are back to 100. Time for a new class of recruits. Does that math work?

    “In a while” was my reaction to a couple of other interactions we have had where you simply reject other’s views and then make personal attacks. Just my opinion.
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    We are all entitled to our opinions and most of us, you including tend to defend certain opinions we have more vigorously. We agree on somethings and disagree on others. We irritate each other where we disagree. That's all.

    There are a few on here that attack with full vigor. Neither of us are in that camp. You and I both know who does though we don't always vigorously argue with the exact same people.
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    Currently there are 85 scholarships for football alone. That's 17 per class if everybody redshirts. It'd probably need to go up to 105 scholarships for football to allow for another class entirely, then taper down by like 5 per year until it's back at 85. The only issue is that those scholarships would have to expand by 18 to 20 percent for all sports then, and these schools are already facing massive budget shortfalls. This is much easier said than done.
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    Meh, as an accounting cost, sure, but in reality, no. Of course, it then begs the question of what happens if The Germ is still lingering in 2021 and they have to 86 another season.
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    You are right about the consequences. I do think it is worth discussion. I just feel so bad for the athletes right now. I know there are really only bad solutions to this fiasco.
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    As I previously stated, the AD pays the university the cost for scholarships. Unless the university were to stop charging them, and essentially gift the athletic department money, it will be a real cost.
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    IOWA CITY, Iowa -- The University of Iowa Athletics Department conducted 30 COVID-19 tests for the week of July 6-12, 2020. Four positive tests and 26 negative tests have been received. As part of the return to campus protocol, testing began May 29, 2020, and includes student-athletes, coaches and staff. A total of 25 positive tests and 418 negative tests have been received.

    Following the positive test result, protocol established by UI Athletics and medical staff, including contact tracing procedures, is being followed to ensure the safety of all UI Athletics student-athletes and staff. This mandatory protocol also includes isolation for the individuals who test positive, and quarantine for those individuals who might have been exposed to someone with the virus.
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    Iowa hired multiple women's crew coaches today, if you're curious as to whether the adults are running the asylum and need to be reminded that the answer is "no".
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    MLB is botching their testing, MLS is having re-opening difficulties per a report, NFL covid issues, so not hard to see why news reports are very pessimistic about any kind of decent return if any of college football. The colleges will have to spend a boat load on testing to keep players who are also taking classes from spreading the virus, And using all that testing doesn't even sound morally or ethically right when a lot of people who need to get tested STILL cannot get a test or it takes 5-7 days to get results.
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    I can't imagine that a college will be able to maintain much social distancing, particularly after this lockdown stuff. Back when I was in college, I basically ran panty raids like every other weekend and I've gotta assume there's a lot of guys running panty raids like twice a week now.
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