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Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Jul 11, 2020.

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    Its not the anti christ?
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    In Wisconsin, the State UW schools, other than Madison, have cancelled all fall sports including football. My grandson was recruited and signed with UW Eau Claire and received the news this week.
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    Fucking drama queen Karens.
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    I'm absolutely not a Trump supporter, but your post is absolutely spot on. Americans have replaced any sense of logic with belief, anger, and entitlement. Logic, rational thought, and a sense of community are out the window. Any epidemiologist worth their salt could tell you masks work for exactly the reasons you noted many months ago. My home state of Iowa is an embarrassment in terms of their policies at this point.

    I guess my question would be why you support a leader that says exactly the opposite of what you (rightly) observe.
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    We would be having fall sports for sure at this point if the whiners who hate science would just listen and do what's right for all of us.

    Check out the Institute for Health Care Metrics and Evaluation (IHME). Their Covid data and projections are updated daily. The site is from the University of Washington. Reducing restrictions and going maskless will result in far more deaths, and potentially more closures. Get it together people.
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    Illinois governor Pritzker has put eleven counties on alert because they meet at least two of his six criteria for potential spread of the virus.. One of them is Jo Daviess county, home to Galena and the popular Chicago playground known as Eagle Ridge. It’s also a county that my wife and I both work in.

    Here is a number that is not in Pritzker’s criteria. 30 active cases for the whole county.

    Here’s another. 73.2% of all confirmed cases recovered. One death.

    We had deaths on back to back weekends from motorcycle/deer crashes in Jo Daviess county. Neither cyclist was wearing a helmet. But my wife could get furloughed for a second time this year because Fred Flintstone can’t see past his quadruple chin or his giant gullet and has deemed this county a dangerous Covid threat.
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    Either do it now when it's still controllable or just let it go and then see what happens. I'm just glad we don't have Covid Kim in office. Peoria has enough people cramming into bars or retail stores who simply refuse to take the most basic of precautions. My dream is that all those rugged individualists stay the hell out of the healthcare system when the worst happens.
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    Masks do nothing but slow the spread. The effectiveness of the common flu virus vaccine is 50% on average. (40-60).

    Just like the any other flu, everyone is going to get it sooner or later. So don't give me any self righteous "I am protecting others" or "if everyone would wear one this world be over by now" bullshit.
    You want to wear one? By all means. I won't say a word. But know that I know that you do it because you are scared and for no other reason. Don't try and fill me with your bullshit.
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    Oh good we're back to it being just another flu. Whatever reason you have for not wearing a mask is your business, but quit with the high and mighty belief that those who chose to wear one are doing so because they're scared. That's no different than those that wear a mask accusing you of being too lazy or important to do so, or because it's nothing but an inconvenience.

    Out of curiosity are we still supposed cover our coughs/sneezes or is that bullshit too?
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    This week's update


    IOWA CITY, Iowa – The University of Iowa Athletics Department conducted 70 COVID-19 tests for the week of July 27- August 2, 2020. Five positive tests and 65 negative tests have been received. As part of the return to campus protocol, testing began May 29, 2020, and includes student-athletes, coaches and staff. A total of 32 positive tests and 571 negative tests have been received.

    Following the positive test result, protocol established by UI Athletics and medical staff, including contact tracing procedures, is being followed to ensure the safety of all UI Athletics student-athletes and staff. This mandatory protocol also includes isolation for the individuals who test positive, and quarantine for those individuals who might have been exposed to someone with the virus.
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    Out of the 7.8 billion people on this planet, you are up in the 99.999999th percentile of folks who should be avoided when it comes to advice on how to make a peanut butter sandwich, let alone medical guidance.

    You can't even afford to drive a vehicle that runs or put a coherent idea into words; what makes you think we should take you even remotely serious about a topic of public health? For context on how mentally defective you are, you're the same guy who told us multiple times that you've figured out a sports betting system that never (your words) fails to come out ahead, yet you choose not to make free money. You live in a ramshackle hut and pay your bills twice by accident (I can cite referential posts if you want).

    You are one of the people that nature is supposed to cull for progressive evolution to take place. That's a brutal thing to hear for sure, but it's true. Do you realize how fucking lucky you are to have been born in the 20th century where there's a society that props up the feeble-minded and stops them from dying of stupidity? Hell, you even get to breed for god's sake. 10,000 years ago you would have gotten stoned to death by the tribe for slowing them down and wasting the group's bison meat on someone who couldn't figure out how not to pee all over himself.

    So, public health advice from you???

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    Josie sighting! :)

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    It should get everyone’s attention. College sports are a Petri dish in which this Wuhan Germ can easily grow and spread. I continue to be highly skeptical there will be a season this year.
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    I didn't say it was the normal flu. What I was trying to say is that if the flu vaccine is 50% effective and that's their best shot after many many years of "perfecting" it, you really can't bank on a vaccine. Covid has many similarities to the common flu. That's all I was saying about that.
    As for being afraid, that's what it is. Afraid to catch it or spread it. I'm not looking down on anyone that is afraid. I have things I am afraid of that others are not, so I am not judging and certainly didn't mean to give that impression.
    If we go back to the beginning, we were told that wearing a mask was to slow the spread as not to overwhelm hospitals. Nobody said or believes that wearing of masks is going to stop it or make it disappear.
    Given that information it's pretty easy to conclude, it's here to stay ( just like the common flu hasn't been eradicated) and eventually everyone is going to get it (just like the common flu, even with the flu shot.)​
    Lastly, I am not trying to act high and mighty, like I said I have fears just like everyone else, but I choose to not live in fear or let it affect my life. Because in my mind, right or wrong, that's not living at all.
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    I would qualify your opinion about the State of Iowa by saying the IA Gov, some top economic and health officials, and some meat packing and big companies are an embarrassment. Gov Kimmy just states a bunch of new rules like "ALL kids have to attend school in person at least 50% of the time" with no explanation, no logic, no research and she is getting big push back. The Gov and top health officials bent over forwards, if you know what I mean, to not publish correct Covid data or to present the data in a misleading form, to not make hot spot industries report cases unless more than 10% of workforce (WTF kind of logic is that), to not force to close hot spot meat packing plants, no hard close down, stay at home, or mask rules.

    And all those decisions going the other way my have had Iowa way lower in cases and spread which would make school and sports much more possible. I have to say that the calls in late March and April for a lot of money and the DPA to force making 100s of thousands of the Abbott type 15 minute rapid result Point of Care test devices for schools, businesses, hospitals, and fever monitors could have been in place now to make opening up schools and the economy possible. Just never done and it all hurts schools and sports and businesses.

    Here is some new news from New York Times on schools and how hard it is to reopen:

    A small fraction of students in the South and Midwest have returned to classrooms, and the coronavirus is already disrupting plans. In one Indiana school district, the superintendent sent out a note Saturday thanking students and parents for “a great first two days of school!” He also said several staff members had tested positive — and the high school was swiftly closed.

    “I’ve been in the business over 40 years — I have never experienced anything like this,” said Lee Childress, a superintendent in Mississippi whose district has seen three students test positive since last week. “It’s kind of like drinking out of a fire hose because it’s happening so fast.”

    A cautionary tale from Israel: The government rushed students back into the classroom in May, confident that the country had moved past the pandemic. Outbreaks ultimately closed more than 240 schools and led to the quarantine of more than 22,520 teachers and students.
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    ROFLCopter. Who the hell comes up with these ideas? "If you have any traces of The Germ on the top of your head or your shoulders, this machine will get rid of them. We are ALL CLEAR to play now!"
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    I hate politicians as much as the next guy, but that's false. The order includes an exemption for parents who want their kids to learn remotely, and it also requires accommodations be made for them. If you don't want to send your kid to school you don't have to.

    This is directly screenshotted from the governor's proclamation on the Iowa Governor's website...


    I agree with most of your political sentiment, but you have to state the entire truth even if it doesn't lend help to your argument. Inaccurate info or partial truths don't help anyone.