Iowa band had issues at the game on Sat...

Discussion in 'Football' started by Scott Leclair, Sep 16, 2019.

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    LOL. I grew up in Hampton. There were like two dozen ISU fan clubs and one Hawk club in the area. It's all I heard for years and years. Quality >> Quantity!
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    Like shooting fish in a barrel here....hawk fans being classy part 2..

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    you are a d bag asshole because if a group was doing this to u or your family and friends u would be the first one to cry to the authorities.

    nobody should have drunk asshole fans doing crap like this to what are official representatives and guests from the other school
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    Again....where is the video?
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    This one time at Jack Trice band camp a guy named Scott50322a played with my flute, then I crammed it up his ass....good God dude, stfu, and stay where you're at. Hey, great OT win against UNI. I bet you got on UNI's forum and hammered on then also....
  7. judzeehawk

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    Pretty hard to get a video and march at the same time D Bag! It's not acceptable for any fan base to do anything to visiting fanbases so quit trying to justify it clown!
  8. scott50322a

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    This supposedly happened in the stands and after the game....... get with the program francis ..
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    This sounds plausible, but until the public hears from the adults in this situation it is necessary to avoid over-reacting. If there was an email apology then there is evidence. If beer was tossed then the band uniforms will have odor. If individuals were cutting through the marching band then there maybe video. At this point it is speculation. If true then it maybe simply rude behavior, but if physical contact occurred with a band member or band staff then it is on ISU to review its security to provide some isolation from their fans.

    I'm not against individuals enjoying adult refreshments, but this does not help those who drink responsibly being able to buy a beer during a game. Saturday's game start time probably had more than a few people well juiced before entering the stadium. The two delays probably further added to more indulging. I don't expect much will happen beyond ISU making efforts to prevent it happening in the future. Iowa can simply leave the band back in IC in the future if it so desires. If it gets worse in either Ames or IC then you have to reconsider this game being an annual affair. There was a long gap in the past and it was for a lot less than this.
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    UNI has a fan forum?
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    Throwing objects at a sporting event goes above and beyond what should be tolerated at football games, church services, and anywhere else. They're the ones who need to grow up....and sober off.
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    Sorry, I think Marc Morehouse carries a little more cred.

    It wouldn't take much for a group of drunken rowdies to corner anyone, even if the band is nearby.
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    I have no fucking idea, haha. That made me laugh though.

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    Where the hell was any security down there? The fans rush the field in the middle of the long delay? How the hell does that happen? Should have been a penalty when the game resumed. Total lack of class.
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    I was at that game and I believe it started at 7 PM Pacific time. People were tailgating all day and it was about 90 degrees out. There were probably less sober people than drunk ones by kickoff. I sat just behind Clayborn’s mom and we had quite a few hawk parents and fans around us, but I can imagine everywhere else in the stadium were some pretty rowdy wildcat fans.
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    At least nobody poisoned a tree!
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    Do you actually think football players with all their gear and pads carry their cellphones while they are playing. Do you really think the band members are supposed to be carrying their cellphones while they are preparing for the game, during the game, in the stands, and after the game, I doubt it.

    Now it doesnt even matter if really any of this happened because what you first posted is stupid enough in any situation like this that has happened because you are of the opinion to just let it slide crybabies. Please let me know when you take your wife and kids out for dinner (that is if you have a wife and kids which is a low probability) or when and where you go out to dinner with your friends, if you have any. Because I want to bring a bunch of my friends and sit at the table next to you and curse and swear at your group and throw food at you and see how you take it. This is what it would be like that your are making such a like case against.
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    Sup CyTwins, how's that loss taste?
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    Ive only went to one game at Trice. Pretty bad experiance. They couldn't pay me to go back
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    What planet do you live on? The band members were on their phones before, during, and after the game. They never put them down....if any of this actually happened, there would be video