Iowa band had issues at the game on Sat...

Discussion in 'Football' started by Scott Leclair, Sep 16, 2019.

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    Nice post. I hope your son gets to play in the band.

    You know, the band works really hard yet the higher ups have taken away some of their playing time during game days. Not sure if it is still the case but you used to be able to watch the Band's warmup before the game and listen to all they would play, their march to and from the stadium shows all their energy, and I love their hard drum rolls during games but they are getting less time to do this as the PA blares strange sounds to make crowd noise when the hawk defense has a big play upcoming.

    It is so lamely easy to put some music on a PA compared to all the practice, choreography, and work the Band puts in to making very solid music.

    Maybe FryIowa wants to get rid of cheerleaders also.
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    One of my fondest memories of going to the games as a student was watching the band come down the steps of what was the South end zone right off of the street and onto the field. My friend Hawkdrummer leading the way with his tri-toms. It was really cool.
    There is a lot of tradition with the marching band and I would hate to see that go away.
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    It will be more like 1,825 days.
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    Unless the bands are making fun of farmers theyre ok in my book
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    ...I laughed.
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    Every fan base has classless morons like this. Every fan base. What should we expect too when there were these long delays and so many people are liquored up?
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    Blasphemer ! ! ! ! !
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    Remember, it was just a few years ago when some isu fans yelled racial slurs at a Kansas basketball player.
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    Just the female cheerleaders. He digs the male cheerleaders, if ya know what I'm sayin'...
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    scott50322a (sshole)

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    I don't know how you can be a Cyclone fan. Your takes are so... reasonable. JK ;)
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    I about not "getting" college football.
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    Not all bad band news from the game ...

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    Don't laugh about getting rid of a band. HF lead the charge in getting rid of these guys after his first season.

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    I'll take the Iowa band over the constant bombardment of shitty commercials brought to you by the hacks in the Iowa marketing department. My beef with the band was that they hung their hat on constantly playing Hey Jude from 60 years ago and their attempts at being cool included songs from forty years ago from Pedophile Jackson. That band director has since retired. As long as they don't play Sweet Caroline, (Which I will forever associate with the Cyclown band) they can stay. I have spoken, let it be so, otherwise, yes please throw beer on them.
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    Aaaand here comes the banhammer.

    Seriously, this is a football game. Nobody should have to worry about threatened sexual assault, racial slurs, or assault with a deadly weapon at a freaking game. That's Alabama/Auburn level crap and has 0 place in this state. We're better than that. Or at least we should be. Let's not play each other if we can't be civilized when we do.
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  18. cincyhawk

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    So you were involved, or at least close enough to see the incidents in question.

    You were a clown before. Now you're just a shitty human being.
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    I love the THX sound effect when we get to 3rd down, that shit came out when I was a kid and I always thought it was the coolest sound.
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    My feelings wouldnt be hurt if they got rid of the Stanford band.
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