Iowa band had issues at the game on Sat...

Discussion in 'Football' started by Scott Leclair, Sep 16, 2019.

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    Face facts, bud, the band can still exist without football. The band nerds only want the band to be part of football so they can play for a captive audience. They can do concerts and stuff and play in front of people who want to actually watch the band and pat themselves on the back when they play in front of a few hundred parents, siblings and a few random men who have been on "Too Catch a Predator."
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    Lets not assume any of that took place...
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    I dont know, Iowa City's Riverfest never got out of hand, and believe me, we tried.

    They would have live music, food and beer stands on the Union field. One year a few of us bought a handful of beer tickets, went across the street to the main library and ran off about two hundred copies of the tickets, came back and drank all afternoon, and got away with it.

    Later that night we went downtown. We had staying power back in those days.:)
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    I bet you'll find very few Iowa fans that think our AD couldn't have maybe screwed the pooch on this, but obviously, there's way too much smoke here. This is a story.

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    I see Chrissie Williams weighs in. His cred is crud
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    Barta is an idiot, and Pollard is a POS. Hawk fans hate their AD, Clown fans revere the ground Jamie walks on. ISU fans would give up their first born before they criticized Pollard.
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    Pollard is an idiot end of story.
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    Something happened. Don't see the incentive for the band to make it up. At the same time, not sure what ISU can do about it. Some people are just dicks. You can't curb all dickish behavior.
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    Did it occur to anyone that maybe the Band Director wasn't aware of it when he talked to the ISU band director. Therefore, it's not that "interesting" despite maximum snarkiness from Williams.
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    OR that it happened after the game had ended? These are all things that simple minded people like Pollard and the people in Ames fail to realize.
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    I really havent pre-judged any of the allegations except to respond to other posters on this thread as in 'Scott' something to spouted about it is ok for fans to f bomb the band or throw stuff, that is to any band or officials from the visiting team, let alone visiting fans.

    And a poster who wants to annihilate marching bands from the face of college football if not the Earth.
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    Barta is an idiot. The way he announced this on Twitter with absolutely no details is pathetic. Amazing someone in his position could handle something like this so poorly.
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    My mother witnessed some of the behavior. She sat next to the band. I can't corroborate the beer throwing or sexual assault threats. But the verbal abuse was prevalent and some was directed at my mother as well.

    More power to the Scott's of the world who like to harass 60+ year old women who say "cuss" instead of swearing. I'm inclined to believe the rest of the rumors.
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    We need Stork (Doug Kenney) to lead the Faber University marching bamd down a dead end alley and allow the rest of the Delta's to ruin the parade.
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    Why would Barta put out a press release without even gathering facts or speaking with Iowa State first
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    Come on, GB deserves the benefit of the doubt!

    Zero history of sub-optimal moves as AD...
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