Iowa band had issues at the game on Sat...

Discussion in 'Football' started by Scott Leclair, Sep 16, 2019.

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    What the hell we s'posed ta do, ya moron?!
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    And The Stork? Why...everyone thought The Stork was brain-damaged.
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    Sadly, Doug Kenney left us long ago. The former Harvard Lampoon editor was Co writer for two absolute comedy classics, Animal House and Caddyshack.

    Many don't realize it, but Caddyshack initially bombed at the box office and was raked over the coals by the critics. It didn't reach it's cult classic stage until the summer of 1981 when movie channels like HBO and Showtime were rapidly booming. Now you can't go to a single golf course in the country without hearing multiple lines quoted from the movie.

    Sadly that was too late to help Kenney. He was into different types of lines in August of 1980 when his movie was bombing critically and financially. Chevy Chase offered to fly to Hawaii with him to help get him straightened out. Unfortunately Chase was dealing with drug issues of his own. Anyway, in late August of 1980 Kenney's body was found at the bottom of a cliff. His death was believed to be accidental but one will never know. He was just 33 years old.
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    Netflix movie from last year ... Joel McHale playing Chevy Chase was brilliant. :)

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    Another Animal House tidbit. Douglas Sutherland, who played President Snow in the Hunger Games movies, plays a teaching assistant in the movie (and in a memorable scene gets stoned with Boon and Katie). I had that movie on one time when my millennial aged daughter and several of her friends were over. Sutherland has a couple speaking scenes in the movie, but is only in his thirties at the time and looks nothing like his President Snow character. But the minute my daughter and her friends heard that voice, they recognized instantly where they had previously heard it from.
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    The last time we played them in Ames (2017) I was walking to my car after the game with a buddy and a Cyclone fan shoved his way right between us. I said "wow, real mature" and he turned around and got up in my face and asked if I had an expletive problem. Fortunately a female Cyclone fan in the vicinity told him to leave and a cop came up and told him to keep walking. I can't say I'm surprised the band had this type of experience. Have you read CF? They are some of the most hostile people (towards Iowa) that I've ever seen.
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    Yeah, Kenney was a tragic story. A comic genius who doubted his ability, for starters. Between Animal House and Caddyshack, his legacy is deeply etched.