Iowa Basketball 2019/2020 Post Season Prediction Poll

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Will Iowa play in NCAA! NIT or Neither

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  1. NCAA Tournament

    28 vote(s)
  2. NIT Bound

    15 vote(s)
  3. Neither

    9 vote(s)
  1. WindsorHawk

    WindsorHawk Well-Known Member

    We’re good.
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  2. BryceC

    BryceC Well-Known Member

    That's certainly possible. When I just think of freshman point guards, we usually don't get JBo. Even Monte Morris, who is probably the best ISU point guard in a generation, really struggled at times his freshman year.

    And I've given props to Iowa and this staff before for their ability with guys like Clemmons, Jok, JBo, White, Marble, etc. Just in that list is more guys ranked 200+ who have made major contributions to Iowa than have made ANY contributions to ISU. It's honestly very impressive.
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  3. Tierney

    Tierney Well-Known Member

    I don't expect Toussaint to start or be on the all freshman team, but to say he isn't capable of giving Iowa ten to fifteen minutes of quality play might be wrong. He will bring things to the team no other player can bring. Even if he only focuses on defense for the ten or fifteen minutes it will be a plus.
  4. spliff45

    spliff45 Well-Known Member

    I expect this will be a shitty season.
  5. NikeHawk21

    NikeHawk21 Well-Known Member

    Changed my vote. This team ain’t dancing without Bohannon at 100%.
  6. eledmonster

    eledmonster Well-Known Dog

    Even after Bohannon news. Sticking with NIT, was on the fence with NCAA but I think NIT will be pretty good, if we are really down three starters.... Bummer news
  7. EST1847

    EST1847 Well-Known Member

    Pain, I predict a winter of Iowa basketball inflicting severe pain to my eyes.
  8. WindsorHawk

    WindsorHawk Well-Known Member

    Purdue did pretty well (after a 6-5 start) with 1 returning starter. I’m going to wait and see what the guys look like next fall.
  9. Ian Pike Hammer

    Ian Pike Hammer Well-Known Member

  10. TheIowaHawkGuy

    TheIowaHawkGuy Well-Known Member

    Maybe year 11 Fran will finally get to the Sweet 16! With JBo news, year 10 is all about year 11. Unfortunately Weiskamp won’t be around in 2 more years. Just can never get all the needed parts together at the right time.

    Nebraska, Vanderbilt, and Memphis will all be tourney teams with first year coaches because of relevant coaches, transfers, and recruiting. Iowa’s next head coach needs to be a former pro player for their connections and relevancy to recruits.
  11. phdsvp

    phdsvp Well-Known Member

    If JBo doesn't play? Sub-.500.
  12. Tierney

    Tierney Well-Known Member

    Toussaint and Fredrick are quality players. I think they will be more than capable. McCaffery got his feet wet last year. I doubt Bohannon will be able to practice shooting if he is having surgery on a hip.
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  13. Northside Hawk

    Northside Hawk Well-Known Member

    People have been talking about how the loss of Cook is going to affect Garza, and rightfully so.

    Now we have to talk about how the potential loss of Bohannon, on top of the loss of Moss, is going to affect Joe W.

    He is going to be a marked man next year. Nunge and CJ are going to have to be ready to go next year. Cordell and Joe T as well.