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    In this day and age, you need more than one above average shooter of the three-ball. We have one right now who is 5' 11 1/2" and can be taken out of a game by good defenders. He's not a game-changer by any means but could come off the bench and give us some shooting.
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    [QUOTE="Adam, post: 1697971, member: 81688"]Over the weekend I spoke to a very nice ole lady that works in the North administration office. I was told that Mr Locure is in constant rocky standing with the school. He has had numerous suspensions for fighting, alcohol, and drug possession. Attendance is apparently a problem too. While the lady didn't know particulars about grades. I am guessing they aren't great.

    She did say 1 thing positive thing though that Mr Locure has made a noticeable improvement this school year. My assumption is that the reality of his youthful behavior being a hindrance to achieving larger future dreams finally set in and he is at least smart enough to try to change his ways.[/QUOTE]

    This and his height are no doubt giving D-1 schools pause then from offering.

    But it does sound like he's growing up at least so if the word on that gets out he could get some high major offers. Fran desperately needs more athleticism in the back court so, if the 'tude continues to improve, hopefully he'll make the offer.
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    Yet, somehow he's managed to start every game. Sounds like a certain "lady" might have a grudge against a high school kid.

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    Grudge as in she's making up lies?
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    Lol I don't know what the quotes on lady is supposed to mean, but your point is quite possible. People could be tainted against an individual in all sorts of ways and I certainly can not attest that her statements weren't from a place of prejudice. She did seem like such a nice lady though.

    That said, even if his school troubles were overstated it does seem likely that a tumultuous high school career could very well be at the heart of this kids slow recruitment.

    My personal opinion is, we have been scandal free for almost all of Fran's tenure. We have a roster full of from what we can tell is "good kids". It might be time to take a chance on a kid with a little bit of a track record. Again I believe that Locure could come right in and instantly be the best defender on the team. I think it is something that we need badly. Unfortunately I am not sure Fran thinks the same way.

    I sure hope Connor is one heck of a player because his position is the biggest need and he is undoubtedly keeping Fran from bringing in someone to play over him.
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    "He has had numerous suspensions for fighting, alcohol, and drug possession. Attendance is apparently a problem too."

    Wouldn't you think he would have been forced to sit out at least one quarter of a game, maybe not allowed to start if the above statement were true?

    I showed up 10 minutes late to a 6am practice in high school and my coach held me out of the first half of the next game.
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    Basketball is only during 1 semester. I was always better in school during football season so as to not effect my playing status. I don't know facts either way, but this is a plausible explanation for the perceived discrepancy.

    Also it is quite common practice for high schools to "look the other way" for high level athletic performers.
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    Updates In Blue*

    2019 PG DJ Carton; (Bettendorf) 4A (Record: 10-12)
    Scored 18pts, 4 rbds, 1 steal, 6 assists
    His team won 69-44 vs Davenport, Central on Feb 19th
    Next game is @ Dubuque, Senior on Feb 23rd 7pm CST (Good chance this will be their last game)

    Avg: 22.9pts, 5.8 rbds, 1.5 steals, .33 blocks, 3.27 assists, 3.16 turnovers
    Avg: FG 48.8%, 3PT 29.8%, FT 78.9%

    2020 PF Xavier Foster; (Oskaloosa) 3A (Record: 19-3)
    Scored 11pts, 6 rbds, 3 blocks, 3 steals, 2 assists
    His team won 84-46 vs Saydel on Feb 19th
    Next game is vs Bondurant-Farrar @ Oskaloosa on Feb 22nd 7pm CST

    Avg: 13pts, 8.1 rbds, 1.09 steals, 3.5 blocks, 1.77 assists, 1.86 turnovers
    Avg: FG 57.7%, 3PT 34.9%, FT 60.9%

    2018 SG CJ Fredrick(Iowa); (Park Hills, KY) 5A (out of 6 classes) (Record: 26-4)

    Scored 32pts, 6 rbds; Can't find a source with more stats. If you know of one, please post it.
    His team won 63-45 @ Madison Central on Feb 16th
    Next game is vs Beechwood @ Holmes on Feb 21st in district tourney

    Avg: 22.83pts, 3.33 rbds
    Avg: FG 57.6%, 3PT 48.3%, FT 82.9%

    2018 PG AJ Green(UNI); (Cedar Falls) 4A (Record: 16-5)
    Scored 24pts, 6 rbds, 2 steals, 4 assists
    His team won 70-55 vs Cedar Rapids, Washington on Feb 15th
    Next game is vs Waterloo, East @ Cedar Falls on Feb 23rd 7pm CST

    Avg: 26.6pts, 5.2 rbds, 1.85 steals, .33 blocks, 3.04 assists, 1.57 turnovers
    Avg: FG 51.9%, 3PT 49.3%, FT 92.6%

    2019 PG Tyreke Locure; (Des Moines, North) 4A (Record: 19-3)
    Scored 30pts, 7 rbds, 2 steals, 5 assists; He is 5 steals away from tying 4A career record.
    His team lost 61-62 @ Marshalltown on Feb 16th
    Next game is vs Ankeny @ DM North on Feb 23rd 7pm CST

    Avg: 27.5pts, 5.8 rbds, 4.04 steals, .23 blocks, 6.68 assists, 3.31 turnovers
    Avg: FG 46%, 3PT 31.8%, FT 75.6%

    2019 SF Patrick McCaffery(Iowa); (Iowa City) 4A (Record: 17-4)
    Scored 19pts, 6 rbds, 2 blocks, 3 assists
    His team lost 60-71 vs Cretin-Derham, Mn on Feb 17th
    Highlights: waiting on highlights...
    Next game is vs CR Washington on Feb 23rd 7pm CST

    Avg: 20.4pts, 6.3 rbds, 1.33 steals, .95 blocks, 2.38 assists, 1.57 turnovers
    Avg: FG 52.8%, 3PT 26.8%, FT 74.3%

    2020 PG Jalen Suggs; (Minnehaha Academy, MN) 2A (out of 4 classes) (Record: 20-4)
    Scored 19pts, 3 assists;
    His team won 79-75 vs Caledonia on Feb 17th
    Next game is @ Monticello on Feb 22nd

    Avg: -
    Avg: FG -, 3PT -, FT -

    2019 PG Tyrell Terry; (De La Salle, MN) 3A (out of 4 classes) (Record: 17-4)
    Scored 19pts;
    His team won 91-61 vs Fridley on Feb 16th
    Next game is vs Brooklyn Center on Feb 20th

    Avg: -pts
    Avg: FG -, 3PT -, FT -

    2018 SF Joe Wieskamp(Iowa); (Muscatine) 4A (Record: 14-8)
    Scored 13pts, 7 rbds, 2 blocks, 1 assist
    His team lost 34-53 @ Pleasant Valley on Feb 16th
    Next game is vs Davenport, North @ Muscatine on Feb 23rd 7pm CST

    Avg: 33.5pts, 13.1 rbds, 1.38 steals, 1.23 blocks, 1.57 assists, 2.33 turnovers
    Avg: FG 55.5%, 3PT 36.3%, FT 83.9%
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    Basketball is actually during both semesters. ;)

    Well, if he's had "numerous suspensions," they obviously aren't looking the other way. :rolleyes:
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    Good point on numerous suspensions. If you get in trouble enough times to properly describe it as numerous, there would almost have to be some sort of disipline.
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    The top player in Kentucky in the 2017 class was #290. The top player in the 2018 class is CJ's teammate and he's #222.
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    Careful, you don't want angry @Adam

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    Locure is obviously talented so it's fair to wonder why he doesn't have more offers. If even some of what the North High administration lady said is accurate then it would certainly help explain the lack of offers. There's obviously something keeping schools from offering, and I highly doubt it's just his height. I would like Iowa to offer him because he's exactly what we need, but I'm not going to pretend that there may be other factors in play that have made teams wary. I would guess a lot of teams are taking a "wait and see" approach. They probably want to make sure he's matured and gotten things together off the court IF those are issues.
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    I'm not sure what may have or not have occurred prior to this season, but from everything I've heard, he's been a model student-athlete this school year and his coach is extremely happy with him. I agree that he is exactly what Iowa needs at this time.
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    Hey, whatya think about this Garrett Sturtz kid? He leads 4A in scoring this season.
    Anyone see him play?

    Avg: 34.7pts, 8.7 rbds, 2.13 steals, 1.05 blocks, 3.81 assists, 3.68 turnovers
    Avg: FG 49.2%, 3PT 31.5%, FT 87.6%
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    To be clear, I have no insight into his situation. It just seemed believable that someone with his crazy good stats and complete lack of offers would have something else going on. As you pointed out though he's been playing all season so there wouldn't seem to be anything going on that is too concerning. Expecting Fran to offer a talented guard in his backyard is probably too much to ask for though.
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    Yeah that's ridiculous. Where I went to school your 2nd offense was 8 weeks suspended from sports. And that only started if you were in a sport. So if you got an 8 week suspension with only 2 weeks left in a sport, those 6 weeks carried over to whenever you start your next sport. 3rd was 12 weeks and 4th was permaban.
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    Ouch! I didn't look lol but I assumed they would have kids much higher than that. Up until now I thought Malik Monk was out of Kentucky as well, but I see now he was from Arkansas.
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    Ya ok they play a little in the first semester.

    Suspensions don't necessarily imply that the punishment is as severe for a stand out athlete as it would be for another student. My simple point is when people see potential in a young adult acting out they will often try harder to help redeem that person. It was more of a social observation rather than a statement referring to anything related to Locure.

    P.S I don't really know why you are arguing with me so fervently. I had an interesting conversation and just wanted to pass along the substance since it is heavy conversation topic. I thought it made sense, and I could see no motivation for an old lady to defame some kid unjustly. Arguing with me about what I was told doesn't actually change what was said lol. If you don't buy it, that is fine. It has been noted for the official record.

    P.S.S Even if this information is dead on accurate it doesn't change much IMO. I mean I pretty much expect a kid going to North to have had a rocky go of it and to be surrounded by bad influences. I see it as positive if Locure is making a concerted effort to walk a better path. It simply would mean that he was aware of the situation he finds himself in. All the same though I am not one to hold some 14/15 year old kids actions against him for very long. Kids can change behaviors like the wind. Now if these issues were still happening when he was 17 even being under the microscope of being a D1 prospect, well then I might see it differently. My personal take on Locure is if he is not a Murder, child molester, sexual assaulter, drug dealer, thief, or sleep walker then he is worth the flyer since he is of a big need. "Scratch where it itches".
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    I agree that it's a very good sign he has made an obvious effort to right the ship. If he doesn't get into any trouble in the next few months and still doesn't have an offer, then something is wrong. Maybe Fran is afraid the first offer will open the flood gates and he doesn't want that.