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    From yesterday ...

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    Shooting the 3 ball from your chest is now considered good mechanics.

    Inside Iowa recruit Patrick McCaffery's offseason out of the spotlight

    Playing more on the wing means McCaffery will have to knock down more 3-pointers, and he knows it. He said his long-range shot has been one of his main focuses this offseason — along with the consistent No. 1 goal of bulking up. (He’s up to 180 pounds now, by the way.)

    Fuhrmann said McCaffery just needs to develop a quicker release and "let it fly," because the mechanics are there. His arc and ball rotation look good, too.

    "If he can get that percentage up to the 40 percent range, man, he’s going to be lethal," Fuhrmann said. "He’s got all the tools to do that. I’m expecting, in July, to see that 3-point shot succeed."
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    i would imagine he's talking about the extension and release and follow through. yeah, he needs to change his release point, not the release, but the release point. at 6'8" or 6'9" he needs to be releasing the ball from above his head to keep his height advantage against a defender. releasing from his chest to head level helps the defender defend.

    nice point, tk.
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    180 huh? What was his weight last we heard? What is a decent skinny weight for guys his size in college? As in still skinny, but not ridiculously skinny?
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    That shot sure is goofy looking, but North is gonna be pretty darn good this year.

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    Looks like Lorenzo Ball.
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    I sure hope there isn’t a fourth brother.
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    I'd settle for a 2.0 version of Lorenzo Romar.

    There's a guy who could Ball!
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    Oops, Lonzo
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    you just aged yourself, but you're right. that cat could ball.
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    That is a left handed Ball brothers shot... Ugly as hell but that kid has it down.
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    Hope we're in on this kid. My daughter went to Hopkins, so we're in the neighborhood. Zeke is a good kid in an addition to being a really good talent.
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    Is he considering changing his verbal?
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    Not to my knowledge. Why are you curious?
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    Lol because you posted the video.
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    Green was a 2018 recruit and we had only one open scholarship until Wagner left. Frederick was going to walk on until Wagners scholarship was available so you can't compare AJ Green to Frederick as far as how their careers turn out. I think Wiescamp will be a better player than AJ Green when all is said and done. This is like how many people wanted Jeremy Morgan the year we only had one scholarship and it went to Jok. I think we got the better player that year and i think we got the better player this year too. Green's dad is also an assistant at UNI which is a big reason he ended up there.

    I know that Fran has missed on many PG recruits but I don't consider AJ Green a miss.
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    Green might be a handful for us this year.

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    Woody Harrelson might be a handful for our defense. We haven't actually seen any improvement yet.
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