Iowa Feels Like Home for Missouri WR William Lee

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by RobHowe, Nov 2, 2019.

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    '21 recruit enjoys time with Hawkeyes:

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    Seems like every year Missouri produces a lot of good football players. Basically being at the Hawkeyes doorstep, it doesn’t seem to me that we don’t get nearly enough of them. Do we not recruit this area very hard? As close as it is, you’d think we would be getting more of these kids than we do.
  3. RobHowe

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    It's a very heavily recruited area with multiple Power 5s in the vicinity.

    STL and KC are similar to most metros. Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit, etc., in that they're easy to get in and out of for recruiters. There is a lot of traffic.
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    We now know the fuskers wont be recruiting him since he wears a hoodie! Hawks have had some very successful players from Missouri and am surprised we don't get more from there.
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