Iowa Football Position Preview: Hawkeye Receiving Corps Might Be Ferentz's Best

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Mar 25, 2020.

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    A talented, proven group of pass catchers highlight the Hawkeye roster:

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    I would only disagree to the extent that it is Ferentz's best group of WR, not might be. The raw stats will sort themselves out, but this group is extremely solid across the board, so defenses won't be able to cheat. Now, it will be up to Petras, or whoever, to get them the ball. Iowa is going to need to score more points this fall, the WRs will be a big component.
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    I would tend to agree but I think a solid argument can be made for '11 when you consider it featured the best WR in the KF era and the one with the most receptions in Hawkeye history. Plus, Keenan Davis was pretty solid. This group is deeper, no doubt, but '11 was top heavy and some people might lean that way.
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    If this is the best then the Hawkeye QB, Petras most likely, is going to look great providing the OL steps up. The weak link this season, due to the Wuhan SARS Corona virus pandemic, might be a traditional Hawkeye strength - that is conditioning. Hopefully the returning linemen will just need minor tuneups. If they can provide the protection then season records could be on the line.

    I posted in another thread that if the Spring make up practices were to run concurrently w/ the Fall camp the skill groups might see some improvement. Thinking about this a bit is what brought me to the realization that the conditioning program might be substandard this season. It just takes time for Doyle to work his magic and there may not be enough time to get the players in tip top shape without risking burnout. That takes the form of injuries and illness. With Covid probably poised to make a Fall comeback the team could be vulnerable.

    Strength and conditioning is slightly less of a concern for the WRs, but more so for the lines on both sides of the ball. I would hate to see circumstances work against what could be a historic season.
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    '02 featured top heavy talent with CJ Jones and Maurice Brown and depth with Ed Hinkel and Clinton Solomon. Also Jones and Hinkel were precise route runners while Brown and Solomon were more stretch the field guys. That year was pretty hard to top.