Iowa Football Position Preview: Spencer Petras Leads Inexperienced QB Group

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Mar 20, 2020.

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    Redshirt sophomore ahead of competition at spot aiming to prove itself (w/ Kids Day Video Highlights):

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    I think the NCAA will allow extended fall practice assuming the current situation has settled down somewhat.
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    If what I saw on Hogan’s highlights are a sample of his regular playing abilities then he should be the guy. I like it that he looks downfield for the open receiver first and then to the safety release second. Patrias is just the opposite as he looks for the open short pass first. Obviously making him the favorite for the conservative Captain Control Kirk.

    If the article is correct on the Georgia Bulldog coach wanting him so bad that he wanted to land a helicopter on the field to recruit him then this kid has something special to offer. The Georgia program is now one of the premier football programs in the country. Coming out of the Alabama coaching tree means that Smart knows what it takes at quarterback to produce a National Championship caliber team.

    Everyone knows the QB is the GENERAL of the team and the most important piece of every team. There’s a big jump however from a Captain’s team to an General’s team though. We especially know this in Hawkeyeland. Going on seventeen CONSECUTIVE years without a BIG TEN title. So throw that conservative ball control pass and finish behind Wisconsin every year, after all isn’t second place in the West the goal every season? It’s not? Could of fooled me. Go seventeen, then eighteen, then nineteen, then it’s Brian Time.................. yeah that’s exciting. Get some balls Brian and quit being daddy’s little boy.

    I know it’s a negative tone but 17 years in a row, and who likes to be Wisconsin’s bitch.
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    I think the NCAA will find some way to give programs extra practice. That could be in camp or before. Early summer usually is earmarked for strength and conditioning.
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    A question for discussion: assuming Petras wins the starting job, will his stats as a So. starter be better or lesser than Stanley's as a starting So.?
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    He has great receivers. His stats better be better. No pressure kid.
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    Could be a huge advantage if the entire time period is contiguous as far as rote learning goes. Some guys naturally take more back to back repetitions to get "wired" for a particular task. This is especially important for new players in the system. This is why some experienced players seem to pick up right where they left off. Others make the connection within a game or two and the new guys take a month or so to get up to speed. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
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    Mental reps right now. Always some way to get better.
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    I am copying-and-pasting this from something I posted earlier:

    Petras had a composite recruiting rating of 0.8858 (offers from Oregon St., Cal, Syracuse, Louisville, Colo St.).

    Hogan had a composite reruiting rating of 0.8824 (offers from Baylor, Boston College, Georgia, Colorado).

    Essentially, Hogan is the exact same recruit as Petras. I suppose you could say Hogan's offer list is more impressive, but it certainly isn't by a landslide. Most of Hogan's hype comes from how active he is on social media and the lead-role he has taken for the 2020 recruiting class. But people behind the scenes also rave about Petras' leadership ability, he just does it with more of a "California Cool" approach.

    I think the key point is that at the start of the 2020 football season, Petras will have 3 full springs and 3 full fall camps under his belt. Hogan will have 0 springs and 1 fall camp.

    Spencer Petras' high school stats (as starter for junior and senior years):

    27 games, 544/923 (58.9%), 7193 yards, 7.8 yds/att, 266 yds/game, 84 TDs/10 int

    Deuce Hogan's high school stats (4 year starter):

    48 games, 589/1110, 8180 yards, 7.4 yds/att, 170.4 yds/game, 100 TDs/33 int

    Deuce as junior/senior:
    23 games, 268/539 (49.7%), 3878 yards, 7.2 yds/att, 169 yds/game, 48 TDs/12 int
    Pretty tough to confidently claim based upon this information that Hogan should be the clear choice, and Petras is nothing but a conservative fallback. If you watch any Petras highlights, you will see a ton of long bombs among those 84 TDs he through as a jr/sr.

    But I will give you this: appartently Hogan ran a 50-flat 400m as a freshman in track before giving the sport up for spring football. That is serious wheels, which we be exciting to have at QB (eventually, when he is ready).
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    Good information there. I hope that whomever takes the reins is great. I agree seeing a QB with speed could bring a whole new dimension to the position. How fun would that be?

    Now the BIG question is will we be out of this Corona Virus thing come this fall. I think we are not going to be unless a vaccine is developed and made available sooner than the 18 months anticipated. If not we may go our first season of no college football and our first season of no regular season basketball and second season of no post season basketball.

    This whole thing seems so surreal. As much as I have enjoyed following the hawks for over fifty years my heart and prayers have to go out to all the family member who have already had loved ones die and hundreds of thousands if not millions who could possibly die. Sports takes a backseat to that. I am praying for everyone (even Alabama fans).