Iowa Football Preview, Prediction: Hawkeyes Take on USC in Holiday Bowl

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Dec 23, 2019.

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    Do you actually still watch it? They push the envelope weekly especially the news. I’m almost 50, love the old cast and the great 90’s crew but still find it funny.
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    This is true. Sure, there are still some misses, as always. I actually think that some of the old stuff doesn't hold up very well.
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    “I’m Chevy Chase. And you’re not.”
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    which uniforms will we b wearing?
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    Love that list Rob. I'd want to add Steve Martin and Chris Farley in there(maybe Chevy), no particular order. So many great talents. The Golden era was definitely Belushi and crew...
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    Nice. He brings something extra, especially in redzone, which was obviously a huge issue all tear.
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    Including Farley I count four corpses on that list. Hard to believe they are gone...
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    Gilda Radnor was the killer. Amazing talent. It look like she had the cancer beat then it came back with a vengeance and claimed her life. It was 1989, when SNL was in it's second golden age.
  11. RobHowe

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    Thanks. Obviously very subjective. CC would be down the list for me. I thought about Farley. He'd definitely be in my next five along with Aykroyd. Steve Martin underrated. Loved he and Bill Murray's "What in the hell is that?" skit. Simple but funny.

    BTW, sunny here in San Diego this morning. I'm told the grass field is in pretty bad shape. Traction will be something to keep an eye on.
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    Any truth to the rumor that we didn't have the proper cleats loaded on the equipment truck?
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    Haven't heard that rumor but I didn’t get here until last night. I’ll be shooting photos tonight, so I’ll get an up-close look when I get to the stadium.
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    “cheeseburger. Cheeseburger.
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    Nothing will top the Coneheads for me
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    Carl Spackler on SNL? :)

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    Senior USC offensive right tackle Drew Richmond listed at 50/50 at best, foot sprain.
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    Prop bets - Iowa will hold USC under 100 yards rushing and under 200 yards passing are total locks with this news.
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    And their 6'0" 230 pound RB is out.