Iowa getting 3 WR transfers?

Discussion in 'Football' started by longtimer, Jun 13, 2019.

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    Saw a report that in addition to Martin Iowa is getting 2 redshirt soph WRs from Buffalo and Central Michigan. I think thats the Schools. Anyone have anything on this?
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    Are they Larry, Mo and Curly?
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    There was the official University of Iowa press release:


    IOWA CITY, Iowa – University of Iowa head football coach Kirk Ferentz announced the addition of three wide receivers to the Hawkeye football roster.

    Those players are Jack Combs (6-foot-1, 188 pounds), Charlie Jones (6-0, 190), and Oliver Martin (6-1, 200). Combs played previously at Central Michigan, Jones at the University of Buffalo, and Martin at Michigan.

    Combs is a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan (East Grand Rapids High School). Jones is a native of Deerfield, Illinois (Deerfield). Martin is a native of Coralville, Iowa (Iowa City West). All are enrolled at the University of Iowa and will join the football program as redshirt sophomores.

    Both Combs and Jones are listed as walk-ons per their official roster bios at Hawkeye Sports. So who are Combs and Jones?

    Jack Combs, listed at 6'1", 188 lbs, is a sophomore out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. He spent his freshman season at Central Michigan, where he caught three passes for 27 yards and one touchdown. Charlie Jones, listed at 6'0", 190 lbs, is a sophomore out of Deerfield, Illinois. He redshirted as a true freshman at Buffalo in 2017 and caught 18 passes for 395 yards and three touchdowns as a redshirt sophomore in 2018. He also served as kick returner, taking back 15 kicks for 289 yards.

    Like Martin, Combs and Jones are regular transfers (not grad transfers) and will have to sit out the 2019 season unless they are able to obtain a waiver from the NCAA. Combs has a redshirt year remaining, so could redshirt in 2019 while sitting out and still have three years of eligibility remaining. Jones has already used his redshirt year (like Martin), so would have two years of eligibility remaining after sitting out the 2019 season
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    Guess not
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    Nah, I knew who they were. They were mentioned in an earlier thread.
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    Posted in the Oliver Martin thread:

    We have no senior WR on the team.

    We have 3 guys with 2 years of eligibility left:
    • Smith
    • Smith-Marsette
    • Cooper
    We had 1 guy with 3 years of eligibility:
    • Marchese (didn't he switch positions?)
    We have 3 redshirt freshman (4 years of eligibility):
    • Tyrone Tracy, Jr.
    • Calvin Lockett
    • Nico Ragaini
    We have 4 true freshman (4 years of eligibility + RS available):
    • Javon Foy (walkon?)
    • Jackson Ritter (walkon?)
    • Desmond Hutson
    • Alec Kritta (walkon?)
    So there was a big gap for what will be our sophomore class, and we added 3 RS sophomores. I think it is as simple as that.
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    In case you were wondering why no senior WR and why ISM, B. Smith, and Copper did not have the luxury to RS, here are the WR recruits while Kennedy was WR coach (listed in order of descending recruiting ranking from 247 sports):
    • 2013: Willies, Derrick Mitchell, Damond Powell (juco, only 2 years eligibility), Andre Harris, AJ Jones, MVB
    • 2014: Scheel
    • 2015: Jerminic Smith, Emmanuel Ogwo, Adrian Falconer
    • 2016: Manny Rugamba (247 listed him as WR), Devonte Young
    As we look at the career WR production from those 4 consecutive recruiting classes, I am going to exclude MVB. He was an initial gray-shirt recruited by Reese Morgan, so it is probably safe to say Kennedy wasn't especially enamored with him (otherwise he would have been initially offered a scholarship over one of the other 5 WRs in his class).

    Career Iowa production of 2013-2016 recruiting class WRs, excluding MVB:
    57 catches, 899 yards, 8 TDs

    MVB career production:
    134 catches, 1686 yards, 10 TDs

    Maybe KF should have listened to Morgan more than Kennedy re: Oliver Martin.

    Career stats appendix:
    Willies: 4 for 71, 1 TD
    Powell: 19 for 317, 5 TD
    Scheel: 5 for 56
    J. Smith: 29 for 455, 2 TD
    All those not listed did not have a career reception.

    Derrick Mitchell, Jr. had 21 for 165, but I believe all from the RB position (also 27 carries for 174 yards, 3 TDs)
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    Kennedy was such a tool. How on earth does a guy like that land on his feet at Stanford after how bad of an overall job hes done?
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    No doubt. He must have been a buddy with someone there.
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    Whew! Thanks a lot of recruiting misses and misses by a mile
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    Ouch! That's even worse production than I thought.

    The irony is the passing game was Davis's trade mark, and that was is biggest flop as OC. Kennedy didn't work out as a position coach at Colorado either.
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    Yup that's pretty much how the coaching world works. It's not how good you are but who all do you know and how chummy are you with them.
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