Iowa Has Tight Connection with 2014 Elite OL

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by JonDMiller, May 2, 2012.

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    Thanks for linking that article.

    I remember the ref pushing incident vividly, right or wrong that guy will always be remembered for that one moment..

    That's terrible losing a father like that at a young age. Hope the young man can keep his head on straight and do well in life. :)
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    I wasn't aware Orlando Brown Sr had passed. Jr is 6'8 360 as a SOPHOMORE? I think Fran should get involved..
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    Might be a lil too big, if that s possible
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    Great story, shows the importance of having a mentor while you develop in life. KF gets a lot of guff for not winning as many games as he should, but one thing that is true, his players respect the man and that's cool.
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    I think its fair to say he will have long arms;)
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    Great article Rob and thanks for posting it, Jon! Whether the kid picks Iowa or not, it's always nice to hear things like that.

    Edit: By the way, whoever 1 star'd this thread...bitter troll is bitter...
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    Aaron Gibson anyone?

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    It's maddening to be cast in that light. As if Iowa has no busines being mentioned with those 'power house' schools. KF is an awsome human being.. There is no doubt. I wish the good guy would finish first for a change.
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    His dad was a BEAST! Prototype for the road grader at right tackle for the Browns. He also started at OT and DT same game. Would love to see his son play at Iowa! You might remember his career basically coming to an end when a referee threw his flag at him, hitting him in the eye (and was awarded a $25 million settlement). He missed several seasons and played for a short time after that, but was never the same.
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    We are all going to celebrate when this kid picks Iowa over all those big names. ;)
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    I think Jon 1-starred it himself, so that people would say things like "Jon! Don't listen to the haters! We love you! You're a great human being! Don't let those naysayers hurt your feelings." It's all a ploy to boost his own self-esteem.

    Kind of like the skinny chick who always says "I'm so fat."

    Then again, I could be wrong, but it's just a theory.
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    I didn't realize that ref incident happened so long ago. Damn time flies. I remember that like it was yesterday. That ref was lucky Brown didn't kill him after that. That man could accidently kill an average person by leaning on him. I sure wouldn't have wanted him mad at me. The article sure paints a pretty picture of us having a shot with him. Hope Ferentz doesn't drop the ball. Could be a huge get in more then one way
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    What an odd comment.
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    This kid's so big, no ref will throw a flag in his direction.
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    Not entirely. Ferentz is a lot of things, most of them good. But what he's not... is a "closer".
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    how do you know?

    this post is a case in point of human nature and always finding the negative in something, no matter how good the subject is.
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    I'd suggest this post is based on 13 years of history and observations...some direct, some indirect.

    Great kid...great story... wonderful praise for Ferentz. It highlights the best of his qualities. You'll never hear me criticize Ferentz, the man. He's as solid as they come.

    But from a business perspective...does he leverage those qualities into successful outcomes? That's what he gets paid $3M to do.

    Yes, I could have, and maybe should have...let this story stand on it's own. But after back-to-back 7-5 and repetitive losses to inferior programs all with one of the richest rosters of "NFL talent" in college football... it's tough to do.

    My apologies for ruining the vibe.
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    This is you