Iowa hosting Florida Atlantic game thread

Discussion in 'Iowa Women's Basketball' started by hagarwood, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. hagarwood

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    Paula makes an appearance as Hawks lead 78-50. Megan scores on a 3.
  2. judzeehawk

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    Gabbie for threeeeeee!
  3. judzeehawk

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    Hawks Win!! 85-53
  4. hagarwood

    hagarwood Well-Known Member

    Iowa 85-53 as Gabbie Marshall hits double figures and Megan makes more 3's than sister Makenzie.
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  7. hagarwood

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    ESPN kept freezing on me, so I missed Mckenna Warnock hitting double figures as well with 10 points. Doyle led with 15, Monika with14, Lexi with 12, Gabbie with 11, and Mckenna with 10. The hawks got up to 39% shooting 36% from 3. Hawks had 18 assists on 23 made buckets 5 each for Kathleen and Makenzie and 2 each for Tomi and Monika. Lots of room for improvement.
  8. judzeehawk

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    McKenna had a double double for her first game. Not bad! 1 points and 10 rebounds. That was a mess of a game. 66 free throws attempted. That was all un called for. Those refs went waaaaaaay overboard. Florida Atlantic had 3 foul out and the Hawks had 3 with 4 fouls. That was a very ugly game and the Hawks came away with the win! The freshmen got loads of playing time and also have a lot of film to look at and improve on. I wish the Hawks did more dive and kick for the open . We have the shooters this year for that to work consistently. A win is a win and on to the next game. Hawks are keeping the streak alive at Carver.

    BILLYBOBSTEXAS Well-Known Member

    A win! Turnovers, good to eat and bad in sports. Lots and lots to work on.