Iowa looking at Grad Transfer

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by NikeHawk21, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. NikeHawk21

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  2. NikeHawk21

    NikeHawk21 Well-Known Member

    He’s more of a guard / wing player. Very good outside shooter. Has made over 180 3s over the last two seasons.

    Maybe they are looking at him in case Moss moves on? Not sure. Obviously it’s a sellers market so this kid already had a ton of interest.
  3. NEIChawk

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    Fuck, I'll drive there right now. Let's go!!
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  4. Robowe

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    Here's the competition ...

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  5. Bigtenchamp

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    one or more people need to be leaving for him to fit...
  6. trj

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    Is he just a spot up shooter? If Moss leaves, Iowa could use him regardless. I am just curious.
  7. 1hawkeye1

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    Why? Why would a grad transfer come to a school that already has trouble finding enough minutes for the players it already has?
    This makes no sense to me.
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  8. NikeHawk21

    NikeHawk21 Well-Known Member

    Again, it’s probably just an insurance policy in case a guy like Moss goes. Not to mention we just reached out who knows on offer or anything like that.
  9. ibahawkeye

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    I’m all for exhausting any and all options to improve the team and also to have a backup plan for any and all scenarios.
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  10. lightning1

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    He won't.
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  11. dirtwrap

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    There aren't many immediately accessible videos of him, but of the ones that are out there he basically just looks like Moss. There were some scenarios that he got a pass on a cut and could have dunked but didn't, just laid it up instead, so he doesnt appear to be overly athletic or anything. He has a great shot, but so does Moss.

    I agree doesn't make sense unless the staff knows Moss isnt returning, because even if they were thinking about upgrading Dailey there would be a huge minutes problem and I doubt this guy wants to transfer to play a few minutes a game.
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  12. oldhawk12

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    He gone
  13. 99topdawg

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    How 'bout we trade him for Moss, Dailey, and Hawkeye Elvis?
  14. mopkins

    mopkins King Kong

    Don't forget that courtside fan with the witch he calls a wife
  15. hawkdrummer1

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    But it went
  16. smitharooney

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    Is that the guy who stands up every 3 seconds to call a travel? If it’s not him throw him in the deal too
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  17. thedukeofearl

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    Hawkeye Elvis ain't going anywhere

    He also bleeds Black and Gold


    Perhaps the very best Hawkeye basketball photo ever
  18. revkev73

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    Is he a PG, if not, doesn't matter.
  19. HawkGold

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    My guess CM is gone.
  20. ssckelley

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    So pass on a good player because we don't have enough minutes for players that are not as good? Now that makes ZERO sense.

    Fran should always be looking to improve the team without worrying about playing time. The best players will always find a way on to the court.
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