Iowa picks up new recruit

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    Jeff Linder of the Cedar Rapids Gazette says they're running a story Wednesday naming the new recruit - a junior. Speculation is high that it's Sydney Affolter a 5'11" wing from Illinois since she was at the game today. She is a top 2 or 3 in the state for that class and would be a great addition to AJ Ediger.
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    Can't wait to hear who it is!
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    Wow, Bluder and staff are building a freaking powerhouse!!
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    Sydney Affolter .... National Ranking 101. ILL Ranking 6. Guard Marist HS. (MaxPreps) Offered by Marquette, Illinois, DePaul and Butler. Currently #2 ranked player in Illinois. (PrepGirlsHoops)[​IMG]
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    Welcome Sydney! Great addition to the Hawks!
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