Iowa State 2 deeps

Discussion in 'Football' started by hawkfan2679, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. hawkfan2679

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    Stolen from the Gazette...
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  2. NCHawker

    NCHawker Well-Known Member

    Bigach does not belong at D-End. He lacks quickness and mobility. Damn shame that, that is the best we have to go with.
  3. ChosenChildren

    ChosenChildren Well-Known Member

    Gaglione played a lot. He looked very good, IMO.
  4. franstheman

    franstheman Well-Known Member

    So did Donatell and Cooper officially win the starting spots then?
  5. ajkhawkeye

    ajkhawkeye Well-Known Member

    Good to see that Lowery is still in the starting lineup ahead of Greg Castillo-Shada.
  6. DuffMan

    DuffMan Well-Known Member

    Greg played well last week
  7. ajkhawkeye

    ajkhawkeye Well-Known Member

    Still don't trust him after last year's debacle in Lames.
  8. DuffMan

    DuffMan Well-Known Member

    hatersgonnahate.jpg.gif .thingy
  9. Scorpio79

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    "The Iowa Corn cy-Hawk series features a new trophy in 2012."

    WHY?!? Wha' happened to le old epic win trophy?? Did someone sell it on teh Ebay?!?
  10. xXxHerkyxXx

    xXxHerkyxXx Well-Known Member

    I was wondering the same thing. Looks like it.
  11. ajkhawkeye

    ajkhawkeye Well-Known Member

    I think it was on the Home Shopping Network right after the sterling silver rings and before the hand stitched quilts.
  12. Winterhawk

    Winterhawk Well-Known Member

    It was obvious in the second half that Cooper was the choice of the coaches. It was clear that he would play more snaps than Carl Davis, he just has more ability to execute the scheme. I say that recognizing that after watching the game in Chicago and the film, Davis played hard - he just isn't the disruptive force that he needs to be.

    I think you are right that Donatell has won the job, but he was largely hit and miss - he could have stopped that first scoring drive by making a very standard play. Need to be better here.
  13. iowaboy85

    iowaboy85 Well-Known Member

    Morris at middle LB scares me this week. He is not fast enough or strong enough to be a starting MLB. Tough, good kid; but is not starting material. Wish there was someone behind him pushing for minutes.

    We might be better off playing a Nickel defense with Budford and Castillo splitting reps an nickel and having Kirksey and Hitchens playing the 2 LB position this week.
  14. BryceC

    BryceC Well-Known Member

    Didn't Lowery leave with some bruised ribs or something? Is he going to be 100% this week?
  15. DwayneTwill

    DwayneTwill Well-Known Member

    More like "Iowa State 22 derps".