Iowa to Outback?

Discussion in 'Football' started by hawkfan2679, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. hawkfan2679

    hawkfan2679 Well-Known Member

    One of TOS is already reporting that we're heading to Tampa (again). My thoughts...too early? Would bowl invites be out already?
  2. hawkfaninTX

    hawkfaninTX Well-Known Member

    sweet! they cannot give us an opponent just yet is the only reason why they would not decide this early, because they would try to get the "best" matchup for all reasons bowl committees consider ($$, butts in seats, TV coverage)
  3. ThunderHawk

    ThunderHawk Well-Known Member

    They could have decided already, because the top three teams are locked in...2 to BCS and one to Cap One.

    But they won't be public about it.
  4. hawkfaninTX

    hawkfaninTX Well-Known Member

    i have thought even before the minnesota result that we were going there no matter what..... because we are the only team out of the teams tied with us that have wins against top 25 teams (we have the same amount of wins as the 3 co-champs). Maybe this is why the team played so poorly, do you think the coaches could have already known?? almost like a lame duck president/senate seat..... the game truly had no meaning... something to consider
  5. HawksFlyHigh

    HawksFlyHigh Well-Known Member

    In my pathetic attempt to protest the result of the season so far, I'm debating on going to Tampa as a vacation, and just not buying tickets to the game, and just tailgate.
  6. hawkfaninTX

    hawkfaninTX Well-Known Member


    For me that would feel like this:

  7. StatelineHawk

    StatelineHawk Well-Known Member

    Love the Outback Bowl and would have went with a win Sat. I have now lost my fire to go. I may be able to get up energy to fly to Phoenix.
  8. TylerSash

    TylerSash Banned

    There is no way Iowa ends up in the Outback.

    Likely the Gator, with a slight possibility of the Insight.
  9. HawksFlyHigh

    HawksFlyHigh Well-Known Member


    We beat Mich and Penn State who we're tied with, and also have more quality wins.

    We might have ended the season in a different direction, but a month of prep and our history of Outback might get us the nod...who knows.
  10. Bluzmn

    Bluzmn Well-Known Member

    So....7-5 with losses to jNW and MN gets you the Outback Bowl now? Shows how far the "January Bowl Game" has actually fallen in prestige.
  11. tweeterhawk

    tweeterhawk Well-Known Member

    Actually, Tex, this summarizes how many of us view this whole season of high expectations and under-performance.
  12. LoewDog

    LoewDog Well-Known Member

    Outback/Cap One always get the Big Ten #4...some years that is a better team than others.

    Someone from the NFC West is going to make the playoffs too!
  13. FromFry2Ferentz

    FromFry2Ferentz Well-Known Member

    I hope we go to tampa, I actually found a great deal on a flight hotel and flight down there the other day but I held off on it because I wasnt sure.
  14. hawkeyescott

    hawkeyescott Well-Known Member

    We also went to the Outback in 2005 with a 7-4 record and losses to ISU and NW. This year the Outback has no choice but to take a 7-5 team as Iowa, PSU, Michigan, NW and maybe Illinois will all be 7-5.
  15. hawkeyescott

    hawkeyescott Well-Known Member

    Here is another thing as well, everytime Iowa has been available to the Outback (3 times) they have choosen Iowa.

    In 2003 they took Iowa over Minnesota, Michigan St, and Wisconsin

    In 2005 they took Iowa over Michigan, Northwestern, and Minnesota

    In 2008 they took Iowa over Wisconsin, Northwestern, and Minnesota

    I'm not saying they will take Iowa but they haven't ever not taken Iowa when they were available either.
  16. hawkfarmer

    hawkfarmer Well-Known Member

    Iowa wasn't truly flailing at the end of those years (except for 2005, but not this bad really) so who knows. Also Penn State has to be pretty appealing to the Outback. It's JoePa
  17. ForeverHawk

    ForeverHawk Well-Known Member

    I feel like this too, but the punch is a little farther south in the manhood region!!!
  18. tanabs

    tanabs Banned

    I recall jon miller's inside info of "Iowa to the Fiesta Bowl" about this time last year.

    just wait and see. to be honest though, I think the outback takes PSU just based on it being possibly Joepa's last season and their fans traveling so well.
  19. ForeverHawk

    ForeverHawk Well-Known Member

    Jo Pa said last week he is coaching in 2011. Take it for what it's worth, plus Iowa did beat them. Who knows, we will all know probably sometime this Sunday?
  20. hawkfarmer

    hawkfarmer Well-Known Member

    The head to head doesn't matter that much because Iowa went over NW a few years ago when they beat us, and NW beat us this year so technically they should go over us, but they won't since they lost Persa.