Iowa v Illinois will be on ESPN2, not ESPNU

Discussion in 'Football' started by JonDMiller, Oct 8, 2015.

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    The University of Iowa football team’s (5-0, 1-0) Saturday Homecoming contest against Illinois (4-1, 1-0) has been moved from ESPNU to ESPN2. Kickoff is set for 11:01 a.m. (CT) inside Kinnick Stadium.

    Other Big Ten programming changes for Saturday include, ESPN will now televise Indiana at Penn State (11 a.m. CT), while ESPNU will air Minnesota at Purdue (2:30 p.m. CT).

    These changes, and those made to Saturday's Southeastern Conference and American Athletic Conference schedules, were made to accommodate the shift in venue and time of LSU – South Carolina game as a result of last week’s weather-related tragedy in the state of South Carolina.

    Tickets are on sale for Iowa’s four remaining home games, and are available online at, by calling 1-800-IA-HAWKS, or in person at the UI athletics ticket office located in Carver-Hawkeye Arena.
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  2. ibahawkeye

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    Please no Beth Mowins and Joey Galloway... are they still doing the early games on ESPN2?
  3. trj

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    Joey Galloway got a promotion he is a studio analyst now.......Not sure about Mowins I think she is still doing play by play not sure who her partner is.
  4. bitmap

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    That's a bit of an upgrade. They state the reasons but I wonder if there are reasons other than the LSU shift. As the season moves on, and if the Hawks keep winning, there should be more of a draw for viewers of Hawkeye games with the prospect of a division championship looming. Smart programming if that has anything to do with it, otherwise just dumb luck. I'll take it either way.
  5. ibahawkeye

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    I actually liked Mowins slightly more than Galloway.
  6. guffus

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    thats good. there are folks that get ESPN2 but do not get ESPNU as part of their package, Including me last year. Could not even watch through the watch ESPN app.

    Just one of the many reasons I just decided to cancel cable this year because 2 of Iowa's games were on ESPNU. Sure ESPN wanted me to upgrade to the next package, but now the jokes on them, now I don't have ESPN at all. They just kept trying to push the limit of what I am willing to pay for. I said no more of this. I am done.

    Thank you for putting up with my little rant against cable tv.
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  7. thetrza

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    Its clear that the star power of the 4-1 Illini and their charismatic head coach Bill cubit is the reason for this move.
  8. guffus

    guffus Well-Known Member

    I did not like Galloway his first year but I thought he got much better last year. I thought he did a good job for the Ball St game. Not surpised he moved on.

    But that whole Mowins ESPN2 production team was awful last year. The graphics were bad. The stats were wrong, and it just seemed like that must be the team where they put all the D grade talent. Glad Galloway got away from that mess.
  9. HomerChampless

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    It that a compliment to Mowins or a dig to Galloway?

    Can you imagine Bernadette Wolowitz (Howard's wife on The Big Bang Theory) calling a football game? Yeah, that's like listening to Mowins. Less shrill. Less shrill.
  10. rhoffs8

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    The woman who thought Hayden Fry still coached at Iowa? She's HORRIBLE!
  11. AdamHawk

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    I have a feeling it was more of a dig on Galloway. Mowins is turrible but Galloway added nothing substantive, not to mention he didn't really disguise his dislike for Iowa very well. I sure won't miss him.
  12. hawkfan340

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    That's like saying "I'd prefer diarrhea over constipation." Ok, sure, but...
  13. ColoradoHAWKEYE

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    This below was the original scheduled's very feasible that they leave the original announcing team assignments in place since theoretically they study for their upcoming guess is we still have Matvick & Congemi. (or maybe that's wishful hoping on my part it's not mowens).

    Indiana at Penn State (ESPN2, Noon)
    Announcers: Beth Mowins, Anthony Becht, Paul Carcaterra

    Illinois at No. 22 Iowa (ESPNU, Noon)
    Announcers: Clay Matvick, John Congemi
  14. KBStoKinnick

    KBStoKinnick Well-Known Member

    Commentators haven't changed with the network. We still have Matvick/Congemi (whoever they are).
  15. NCHawker

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    good to know thanks
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  17. mrolympia

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    at least Bernadette's nice to look at
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    Stop it NC. you thread necromancer you.
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    learn the game man.
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    Touchè. well played.