Iowa visits Florida St. commit

Discussion in 'Football' started by ModebaSan, Dec 11, 2019.

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    Iowa coaches paying a visit to 2020 class 3 star LB/Athlete Jayion McCluster. McCluster is a Florida St. commit who is teammates with Hawkeye commits Keylen Gulley and Quavon Matthews. Their coach is former Hawk Marcus Pascal in Largo, Florida. After coaching turnover at FSU, McCluster considering visit to Iowa.
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    I'd be real surprised if McCluster flipped to Iowa from FSU. Phil Parker was going to be at the school visiting Matthews and Gulley, and he agreed to talk with him. If you look at the kid's twitter timeline, it's all about the 'Noles. And they have their new coach.
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    It would be nice to have him. Iowa seems to do well with "Athletic 3 Star" type players, who often become stars.

    Plus, wouldn't it be nice to get out of Florida?
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    He was Iowa's first offer in this class:

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    Is it still Ferentz policy to drop a kid if he visits another school after committing to Iowa?
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    I think there have been cases where kids have been open with him and discussed looking around while being committed. I think in those cases he has been "okay" with it but if you commit and then start looking without taking to him first I don't think he likes that and I don't necessarily blame him.

    For how competitive recruiting is if you think you have someone coming to school and drop interest in other prospects because of that only to have them flip with no warning it puts you behind the 8 ball.

    I am by no means 100% on thsi but I though as recent as last year we had a case like that
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    Jestin Jacobs visited OSU after being committed last year, Iowa did not pull offer. There have been others through the years as well (Riley Reiff, maybe?).

    This has never been an absolute rule, but rather something the staff has strongly encouraged to allow wise decision-making on their part. If you have 2 RBs committed, and you know they are solid, you don't need to spend any more time digging up RB prospects. But if those 2 commits are iffy, you need to allocate your resources differently.

    So it basically comes down to this:
    • if you are committed, and you decide to take other visits, and there is someone else in the pipeline who is essentially equivalent to you and chomping at the bit waiting for an offer, you will be out the door.
    • if you are committed, and you decide to take other visits, but there is no one else being recruited at your position who is even close to the same talent level as you, you will be given more leniency.
    On a semi-related note, Eno Benjamin just declared for the NFL draft.
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    Also not necessarily relevant to the discussion, but this policy is hardly unique to Iowa as well. I know for a fact Clemson and many others practice this policy in a similar manner.
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    The Ferentz policy seems to be , be upfront and honest about it, were making a commitment to you, we expect a certain level of respect back. Iowa honors scholarships of player who have severe injuries after they commit, so they expect a level of commitment back, which is awesome.
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    The policy also is compromised when you have assistant coaches not complying with the no-visit-after-commitment rule and doing so behind the head coach's back.
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    I'm not saying it is necessarily the case here, but if the implication is that Ferentz is being hypocritical by visiting a committed recruit, then I would have to say that the accuser is misinterpreting the "rule."

    Unless they are explicitly told no by the recruit, it is understandable and expected that programs will continue to recruit players that have given verbal commitments to other programs. Many players "up their stock" after committing, opening up avenues to higher profile programs. Iowa, like any program, has the right to reach out.

    What the Iowa coaches are basically saying with this rule is that if a player does make the decision to commit to them, then they are expected to honor it, and, knowing so, the Iowa staff will back off on recruiting players from the same position unless the intent is to sign more than one. To honor that two-way commitment, the player is told not to visit other schools unless given an exception. There is always the option to decommit, then take visits, but don't state that you are committed, then visit other programs without permission (a la, Benjamin).

    The Iowa coaches are very good about being upfront and encouraging players not to commit unless they are 100% sure, and emphasize that it's a 2-way street.
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    Well said, DieHard. And likewise, when they do recruit another player that is committed to another school, they do so only after getting the OK from the player. A good example of that is the kid from Roland-Story who was committed to ISU but opened up his commitment and inviting Iowa in.
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    I don't think we need this guy anyway and I don't care one way or the other, but when the FSU head coach is visiting 3 star guys on the heels of an Iowa visit to the school, it says a lot about the current state of FSU football. Clemson fans can rest easy for another few years.
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    He’s a 4* on rivals, and why would this coach not want to keep a guy like that committed? It’s not like there are loads of unsigned players just sitting around for the taking. Kid had offers from Auburn, Florida, LSU, and Oregon. Dumb dumb comment.
  16. kameltoez102

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    I think we need to keep our eyes on all current and previous targets. With today's climate of guys transferring whose to say some guys don't decide to leave and come play for Iowa after their initial decision doesn't pan out. As long as there is open dialogue and no rules are being broken Iowa for sure needs to check out every single player they can especially the guys they have already put some time and energy into.

    The worst thing Iowa could do is just forget about potential targets they believe have moved on. Up until signing day all targets should be on the board