Iowa vs Baylor

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    Paraphrase: This girl (Kailani Brown) is a damn good basketball player and it's about time people recognized it.

    Rob reported similiar garbage from Kim Mulkey at the press conference. Evidently they weren't too happy about Gustafson being named first team all America.
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    Great season, but huge gap between the likes of Baylor/UConn/ND and the rest of the teams.
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    the fat ass isn't even a finalist for the Naismith award.
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    Shit bud, I've seen ranch hands rolling out of pouches that don't look like a 200 year old used leather couch cushion.
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    Mulkey was the same Bit*h when Bridgette was named Big XII player of the year. "How could you not vote for Brown? *insert tears here*" It's in her DNA to be a whiney bit*h even when she has no reason. Plus the fist pumps on the sidelines when they were up nearly 30 in the 4th made me hate her even more. Act like you've been there before. I always say, "Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat" Your ladies were gracious!!
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    Cheating helps. I believe she has been caught at it in the past.