Iowa Women post Notre Dame

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    The ND game was the 1st time I could watch them on a normal TV with real camera work. Thanks to Judzee and Clinton for their comments and observations. I really think this team is going to come around earlier than expected. Davis is shooting better and as they run the offense more she doesn't have to check to see if players are doing what they need to do. That was causing her to telegraph passes (as games wore on that happened less). Doyle has that poise and maturity we saw in Ally as a Freshmen and she's a good shooter which should improve as the year goes on. Megan is improving each game. In the JMU game she was getting down in her stance and using her elbows to keep the defender from sliding to her side. That didn't work as much in ND game because her defender was bigger and stronger and pushed her out (especially K. Nelson). Megan is learning and has a chance to be the best Post player in the conference. Ally is showing better work on the boards. She's blocking out more rather than just screening players. Makenzie and Bre have really settled down and their offense will come with time. Hannah has made major strides. She has good hands and improving footwork and runs the court very well. The only cautionary note is Chase Coley. She seems to be more timid than last year and we need her inside play. When and if Carly returns she may help. By BigTen tourney time we could be really tough. We are really deep and seems like we are made for a deep run. Hope that's enough to get us an NCAA invite.
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    Hagarwood you nailed that post. Wish I knew what has happened to Carley and Alexis. Alexis is a fantastic defensive player. I hope Chase gets back to her old form soon. She could play a big role as the season moves forward. I've been watching some other BIG teams play and Maryland has Brionna Jones that is a monster on the block and I think Megan is the number 2 center in the BIG. Hannah has been a huge surprise for the Hawks. Christina seems to be the toughest player we have and has been stepping up on the boards. It's really hard not to get excited about this team. Looking forward to the rest of the season. UNI is in Carver sunday and I hope the Iowa fans will come out and support them. I know I'll be there. Go Hawks!
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    Thanks, I know from what Clinton, wrote that Alexis has been injured. Coach rarely red shirts anyone, but maybe with the class this size and this good and only Jinaya coming in next year ... We can only hope Carly comes back. She was making huge strides last year when she got hurt and she plays a position where we could use some help. The Big Ten is going to be better than most think. I watched Penn St. and they are good and Vivian will have Rutgers competing by conference time. So Md. tOSU, Indiana, Northwestern, Penn St., Rutgers, and who knows about the Mich. schools. Iowa may have some early stumbles, but they are getting better faster than I thought. We need a 3 point shooter or 2 to join our improving defense.
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    Ally, Tania, Christina, Alexa and Amanda can shoot the 3. Sooner or later they will start dropping........I hope! The BIG is going to be tuff for sure and we'll win our share. The girls have exceeded my expectations for sure.
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    Sunday's game against uni is a btn plus game. It may not have announcers. That does make it more challenging to keep up, but it can be done. Or even better attend the game. All children under 18 get in free, and autographs will be signed after the game. This will be a good opportunity to go with family and meet some of the players.

    I also think that this team is starting to get their act together. The improvement will show for these 2 in state match ups.
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