Iowa’s defense

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by PCHawk, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. PCHawk

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    Every game the defense impresses me more and more. These starters come out with the same intensity every single game. Today we shot bad and Illinois made a ton of contested shots and we still won by double digits on the road.

    I can't decide who is more impressive. Clemmons has shut down every guard he has faced. What an advantage when guys like Trimble and Forbes can't even get shots off. If he keeps it up, Indiana doesn't have a chance with Ferrell out of the game.

    Even when guys get around Clemmons and Gesell, Uthoff is so good at help defense they really can't do much. His ability to collapse into the lane and still get out and contest 3's is the difference between us being good and great.

    Then you have Woody down low completely owning the paint and the boards. I can't believe how much he's turned it on lately.

    Our "weak link" on defense is towards the top of the Big 10 in steals too. Jok has picked up where White left off with jumping passing lanes. His strait forward explosion is noticeably better than it was last year. He is looking at the Big 10 player of the year award next year.

    I haven't even gotten into the bench yet but this post is already tldr so I'll just say they're really good.
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    Careful, Tom Creampuff Crean is trolling here on HN stealing our playbooks. Don't let him get big of himself
  3. WestCoastHawk

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    Woodbury has been unreal the past few games.
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    When i think of Indiana guys who scare me most i think Bryant and Yogi. Then i think those are the guys that Woody and Clemmons are guarding and i realize how good of a chance we got in this one
  5. 99topdawg

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    STOP IT!!! You're getting my hopes up! ;)
  6. bcl20

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    We're 19-4 and top 5. Your hopes were already hopes.
  7. 99topdawg

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    I know, I know. Football and now basketball is kind of like the Married...with Children episode where everything went unbelievably well for Al Bundy and he knew it would catch up with him, so he kept telling himself that things weren't as good as they seemed. He finally got himself to admit how great things were and things went down the sh1tter in a hurry.
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    Absolutely funny....
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    Fixed it for you.