IowaLaw's 2019 Final Report Card: Offense

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    The regular season is over and the Hawks are sitting at 9-3, with a mid-level bowl game to look forward to. Three close losses, and several close wins. All in all, the season played out as the prognosticators predicted, with zero upset wins and zero shocking losses. It's now time for the coaches to earn their paychecks and determine why the Hawks couldn't even be in the conversation winning the Big 10 west in the last month of the season.

    Quarterbacks: C. Contrary to popular opinion, Nate Stanley did not have a good year compared with his peers. In fact, a strong argument can be made that he plateaued his sophomore year despite all of the hard work he put in since that time. Statistically, Nate finished: 9th in the Big 10 in QB efficiency; 8th in yards per attempt; 7th in completion percentage (58%); and 4th in total passing yards. Sure, the Iowa media loves Nate because he's humble and shy and randys around when in front of a microphone, but the guy never developed the "it" factor needed to command a team down the stretch. With Jack Coan (Wis) or Peyton Ramsy (Indiana) at QB, this team likely finishes 11-1. On the other hand, with Northwestern's QB, this team finishes 7-5. Disappointing way for a 3 year starter to finish his career after much promise as a sophomore.

    RBs: D+. With all 3 RBs returning from last year, plus the addition of Georgia's high school player of the year, most expected an uptick in Iowa's RB play this year. It didn't happen. While each back showed flashes of brilliance, the Hawks had a 100 yard rusher in just 1 Big 10 game this year, and that was this week. Goodson is the future of the position, but when you compare him with what the rest of the Big 10, it's sobering how far behind the curve the Hawks are. Each of the top 10 backs in the conference had over 740 yards, with Dobbins and Taylor over 1,600 yards. Iowa's leading rusher, Goodson, had just 590 yards, and was rarely in the game when the game was on the line. Five teams had backs averaging more than 6 yards per carry. Goodson averaged 5.1, Sargent averaged just 4.6.

    WRs/TEs: C-. Although the WRs were much improved from the embarrassing WR corps in years past, they were still subpar by Big 10 standards. Smith, Smith-Marsette, and Tracy were good by Iowa standards, but none finished in the top 15 in the conference in receptions or yards, even though Nate was 2nd in the conference in pass attempts. David Bell (Purdue), for example, had 86 receptions as a freshmen. Iowa's leading receiver, Ragaini, had half that number. Minnesota had two different 1,000 yard receivers. Purdue nearly did as well. Iowa's top WR, by contrast, had 676 yards (Smith-Marsette). The TEs, at TE U, were non factors this year. None had more than 9 receptions all year. By comparison, Hock had 49 catches last year and Fant had another 39. LaPorta looks like the next great Hawkeye TE, but only if Kirk Ferentz remembers his name in his post game interviews.

    Total Offense: F. Brian Ferentz continues to be the poster boy for why corporations prohibit nepotism as he climbs the coaching ranks on his dad's coattails. In his 3rd year learning to be OC on the job, his offense finished 11th in the Big 10, ahead of mighty Northwestern, & Rutgers. The Hawks averaged just 23 points per game, while Wisconsin averaged 36 and Minnesota averaged 34. Brian's offense was 98th in D1 football in total yards...with a 3 year starting QB at the helm and the best WR corp in a decade. Something has to change next year or it won't matter how good the defense is. Perhaps O'Keefe needs to take the reigns and let Brian focus on his stellar "run game coordinator" skills?
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    Have you sent this to Gary Barta yet? He just gave the offensive coaches extensions ala Nebraska.
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    Dang IALaw, glad you weren't my college professor.
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    Blah, blah, blah.
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    I was going to rate this post a C- or D+, but due to your strong conclusion, I give you an A+.
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    Really a harsh post and brutally fair to a bunch of kids and coaches who were 2 points away from a Big West title.

    The Omaha World Herald publishes hundreds of articles on Nebraska football each month. Please read them IowaLaw to get some insight on how hard it is to build a program of Iowa's caliber. I have nothing but respect for the job the Iowa coaching staff did this year. Iowa has a philosophy of game management that results in low offensive yardage totals. It also results in a lot of wins.

    My observation this year is simply that our Offensive line was not as good as this coaching staff hoped for at the beginning of the year. Some of that was due to injuries. It hampered our running game. If there is one area that has to improve, that is it. Hopefully it will. Iowa has good coaches on both sides of the ball.
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    How can you rate skill position players so poorly and not rate the OL?
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    Iowa Law wins the

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    You never dawned on me because his posts are typically off base and predictable...but are these posts a veiled effort to get a job writing for HN. I could see how that could be a dream job for him. Somehow the ridicule each week would be tempered if he wielded that kind of sports information writing cred.

    If he carried the lofty title of HN Contributor...we would be willing to overlook that he failed to mention the group at the center of most offensive woes...the offensive line.
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    What bowl is Purdue going to this year?

    What rexeiver couldn't haul in a critical fourth down pass inside the ten?

    For the last and final time, this team decided early on that is was going to rely on defense, field position, and the kicking game.

    Stanley didn't make many sexy plays but he didn't out the ball in harm's way very ofter either. Martinez, on the other hand, cost his team dearly with the pick to Koerner and going out of bounds on his final possession.

    This team wasn't flashy enough for you and that's fine. But it didn't win 9-10 games with smoke and mirrors either.
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    Nobody cares!!! Stop making these posts. Go start your own blog.
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    @IowaLawWasClueless did Iowa finish 11th in the Big Ten in some random stat with two teams behind her, or did the Big Ten drop a team?
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    I’d like to be a contributor. I’d cover whatever you, women’s basketball, field hockey, baseball. Just love the Hawkeyes. I’d quit my full time job.
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    I think we all need a HN field hockey column and podcast.
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    I'd do it
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    Two things stand out to me as major mismanagement this year on offense:

    1) Kirk, Brian and polasek seriously missed the target on developing guards. You can say injuries contributed, but day 1 they critically overestimated the talent level at guard in 2019, which they usually don’t do. They Didn’t develop legitimate big ten level guards for 2019
    2) underutilization of Goodson. I know he’s a true freshman, but he clearly has a level of talent as a freshman an Kirk and Brian haven’t seen at RB in 21 years. My guess is in practice they just couldn’t get themselves to believe his raw talent could transfer to the field as fast as it did.
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    Sargent took two steps backwards this season. I think it took the coaches a long time to come to terms with that.

    As far as the guard play I'm at a loss for why they didn't try other guys at that position when it was blatantly obvious the guards they were trotting out were massively underperforming.
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    We all know that the OP analysis is worthless, however, it does require some context. Hindsight usually ignores context, and this is just another example of that. So here I will serve you some:

    1. Goodson, while obviously the best running back we have on this team right now, is not the same back he was in game 1 or 4. His learning curve has been steep and he has developed over the course of the season to be the featured back. So don't get fooled into thinking that because he is the best back now that he automatically should have been on day 1 and that the coaches were inept. This same argument goes for Tracy and LaPorta as well.
    2. Speaking of inept coaches, or the perception thereof, that if any of the argument that the "union card" exists or that there is favoritism, check out how many freshmen and sophomores are playing on this team. This team is pretty young in a lot of spots. The proof is that the coaches play the best players and the ones that give them the best chance to win the game.
    3. For all the negativity for the Iowa style of play, remember that had we played ideal Ferentz ball of protecting the football, taking points when you can and hit the fg's, stop the run, run the ball, make the other team play the long field, don't give up the big play, dictate the tempo, etc., we more than likely go undefeated. The system works.
    4. Remember the injuries at extremely key positions and how that affected our season. The offensive line was a mess against psu and michigan, and in my opinion for what he does and what his depth was, Welch was by far the most valuable player on the defense. Know he makes the line calls and is the biggest run stopper. Having him out against wisconsin was a killer.

    At the end of the day, we go 9-3. No we didnt win the conference or the division, but we are a very solid top 20 team. After all of those obstacles, we are still a top 20 team. That's a big deal. And we probably had a top 5 schedule with respect to high end opponents, especially on the road.
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