Iowa's Best Wins the Past 5 Seasons

Discussion in 'Football' started by ChosenChildren, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. ChosenChildren

    ChosenChildren Well-Known Member

    47 victories he past 5 years. Can you list your 5 personal favorites during that time span?

    Mine, by year::

    2015: Iowa 27 Pitt 24 at night in Kinnick; walk off FG
    2016: Iowa 14 #2 Mich 13 at night in Kinnick; walk off FG
    2017: Iowa 55 #6 Ohio St 24 WOODSHED, IOWA
    2019: Iowa 23 #8 Minnesota 19 AJ with the sack!!
    2019: Iowa 49 #22 USC 24 (ISM goes wild and we get the Pac-10 monkey in California off of our back)

    I'm leaving a bunch out.
  2. ssckelley

    ssckelley Well-Known Member

    This is easy for me, the past 5 wins against the Clowns and Nebraska.
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  3. uihawk82

    uihawk82 Well-Known Member

    That is a good list and about what I would go for but I would have to replace the Minny win with the win over Miss St which was a rated SEC team in a big time bowl. Minny was top 10 and a real good team but it was at home and I think the hawks were the better team.

    And I liked that big beatdown at Nebby in 2017.
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  4. Fryowa

    Fryowa Well-Known Member

    Maryland 2015
    Nebraska 2015
    Nebraska 2016
    Nebraska 2017
    Nebraska 2018
    Nebraska 2019

    If you’re mad I picked six instead of five, go kick your dog.
  5. Robowe

    Robowe Well-Known Member

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  6. Fryowa

    Fryowa Well-Known Member

    For the record I don't want anyone to kick his or her dog.

    Some folks have no sense of humor.
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  7. okeefe4prez

    okeefe4prez Well-Known Member

    Gotta be :

    1) OSU 24, Iowa 55
    2) That time we beat Michigan by 1
    3) 'Braska 2015 to improve to 12-0
    4) 'Sconny 2015 because it is so rare to beat them now
    5) USC thrashing
  8. guffus

    guffus Well-Known Member

    Most memorable losses

    1. MSU 16, Iowa 13.
    2015 Big Ten CCG

    2. PSU 21, Iowa 19

    3. Purdue 38, Iowa 36.

    4. Wisconsin 24, Iowa 22.

    5. Stanford 45, Iowa 16.
    2016 Rose Bowl.
  9. SpiderRico

    SpiderRico Well-Known Member

    2015 Pitt game. Brett Greenwood leading the team onto the field with Enter Sandman playing in the background flanked by Angerer and Doyle was the single coolest moment I've witnessed in Kinnick ever. I'll admit it....I bawled like a baby. Then to top it off with a 57 yard walk off was freaking awesome.

    2015 Wisconsin game (in retrospect). This was a terrible game from an aesthetics standpoint and it wasn't obvious at the time how important that win would be given it was early in the season. But it might be the single most important win in the last decade.

    2016 Michigan game. We walked off Harbaugh in '85 and walked him off again in '16. Couldn't script it any better. I can't stand that guy.

    2017 OSU game. It was the Purdue game from last night in reverse. We couldn't do anything wrong and there wasn't a team in America, including Alabama, who was going to beat us on that day in that stadium.

    2019 USC game. I was at the 2003 Orange Bowl, so it was nice getting some revenge nearly 17 years later.
  10. 99topdawg

    99topdawg Well-Known Member

    My dog is now mad that I can't sense sarcasm.
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  11. Fryowa

    Fryowa Well-Known Member

    I think Stanford was actually worse than the CCG.

    Against MSU it was an absolute war that could've gone either way, and winning the first Rose Bowl would've made everyone forget about the conference title game. Getting blown out by Stanford took the national narrative in the direction that we were the fake ID of football, and like Minnesota this year, we really had no argument against it.
  12. okeefe4prez

    okeefe4prez Well-Known Member

    I ain't gonna lie, that Standford loss might honestly be the worst loss in my lifetime. Down 35-0 at half. Ugh.

    I had Cats tix that year and watched NU bottle up Standford. I thought for sure Iowa was gonna win that game by 20+. I went to Lincoln that year to watch Iowa improve to 12-0 and was stoked. I didn't care that we lost in Indy because I knew we would have gotten shit trucked by Bama in the playoff and I really just want to see Iowa win one Rose Bowl in my lifetime.

    I think of the other horrible losses. There are some bad ones. Several against OSU, like in '85, the one in the early '90's at home where we had 'em beat, the one in 2009 and the one in 2010. Some stingers. Northwestern 2008, 2009 and 2010. Terrible stretch and 2009 was awful, but in hindsight it worked out because we ended up drawing GT in the Orange Bowl and won, which is probably our best bowl win in decades. Iowa State in 2002 and 2005. Tulsa. The Rose Bowl versus UCLA. Western Michigan. Central Michigan. The USC Orange Bowl. The Hawkslayer Bowl. Definitely some doozies, but that Standford Rose Bowl, my Gawd, that was seriously the worst damned Iowa game ever because we had so much on the line and I had such high hopes.
  13. 99topdawg

    99topdawg Well-Known Member

    On the Washed Up Walk-ons podcast, they said that they all basically knew that they weren't going to beat Stanford, because they couldn't get over the CCG game and were basically in a playoffs-or-bust mindset.
  14. ChosenChildren

    ChosenChildren Well-Known Member

    Iowa really played a great game against MSU in 2015 and should have won. The interception in MSU's end zone in the second quarter (resulting in zero points on that drive) really hurt. With just a field goal, we would have been up 7 late in the 4th quarter instead of 4.
  15. Xerxes

    Xerxes Well-Known Member

    And that should have been targeting on the MSU defender. Kittle probably should have flopped around like a fish out of water the way most guys do when they take shots like that.
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  16. cohawkeye

    cohawkeye Well-Known Member

    The biggest of all stink bombs listless against NDSU at home.....
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