Iowa's previous opponents are...

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    19-14 on the season so far.

    Conversely the future foes are even at 18-18.

    The Hawkeyes? 6-0
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    Iowa's previous opponents are now +8 on the year at 26 - 14.

    The future foes are now -6 on the year at 14 - 20.

    The Pitt win keeps getting bigger and bigger...

    The Kitties are fading fast, the chance of an Iowa - Michigan CCG is all but evaporated, the chance of the Hawkeyes making it to the CCG is around 40%

    The Hawkeyes are 7-0 going into a much needed bye week.

    There was a thread a couple weeks back about whether Iowa was good or lucky.

    If you want to see what lucky looks like may I point you to the end of the Michigan - Michigan State game....