Is Iowa still a lock for the dance?

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by HawkeyeWalker, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. WindsorHawk

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    The good news is you have 2 or 3 other games to choose from. You won’t even have to waste your time watching Iowa get blown out.
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  2. Adam

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    Oh but watch the excruciating adventure I must good sir.
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  3. HawkeyeHypnosis

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    Takes a real shitbag to make that comment.
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  4. InGoodCo

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    FWIW - Palm has a 7 seed today still, which seems pretty optimistic, but more so proof of just how far Iowa is from the bubble. I still think they are a 10 seed if they lose on Thursday. I think they win 1 they are an 8 - win 2 they are a 7 - win it all and who knows? I don't think a 6 is even on the table any longer.
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  5. SteveGarvey1

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    Not all of our fans will be happy, even with Iowa making it, apparently.
  6. thedukeofearl

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    Dey B In
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  7. Northside Hawk

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    The committee put us in Brooklyn vs10 seed Temple in 2016. It can't be much farther from Philly to Brooklyn that it is from Iowa City to Des Moines.
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  8. homes

    homes Well-Known Member

    I was certain that Iowa was in until I listened to Miller's podcast, now I'm not that clear. If that were to happen, that would change my mind about a lot of things regarding this program.
  9. DDThompson

    DDThompson Well-Known Member

    Roh-roh Shaggy....

    Something to look forward to listening on the drive home.
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  10. RobHowe

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    Iowa is in.
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  11. thedukeofearl

    thedukeofearl Well-Known Member

    If this is actually how it works out

    It would be according to form

    If the Hawks play in the second round

    They will play Duke, whom with a healthy Zion has a very strong chance of winning the whole enchilada

    Same as the last Dance

    Villanova was our second round opponent

    They steamrolled to the National Championship

    That wasn't the first time that scenario has occured

    Happened to Dr Tom all the time
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  12. atomicblue224

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  13. atomicblue224

    atomicblue224 Well-Known Member

    Why do we need to lose Thursday?[​IMG]
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  14. PCHawk

    PCHawk Well-Known Member

    So we can drop in seeding to a better path to the sweet 16. A fool proof plan. In all seriousness tho, it doesnt matter what happens. We will be playing Duke 2nd round no matter what.
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  15. WindsorHawk

    WindsorHawk Well-Known Member

    So. Is the Indiana vs. Ohio State game for a spot in the tournament? Wesson will be back. Indiana has their guys healthy.

    Side Note - It would be crazy if Indiana won and got MSU for a 3rd time.
  16. atomicblue224

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  17. Grady

    Grady Well-Known Member

    The Hawks are in the tourney, but I have a feeling if they lose to Illinois in the BTT they'll be a #10 seed as one of the '1st Four', which is what I believe they were two or three years ago. I think it's bogus to put two #10 seeds into the 1st Four, but there you go...
  18. PCHawk

    PCHawk Well-Known Member

    I think its 11 seeds. Not 10s.
  19. homes

    homes Well-Known Member

    OK. Although I also see Lunardi has them not as a lock but as a "should be in". So, with that theme, they should win their first game, and then I think they have a chance against Michigan on a neutral court. Play themselves back into a 6 seed.
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  20. Hawkalum2002

    Hawkalum2002 Well-Known Member

    It looks like it'll be 11s this year. In 2014 we were in the 11s game, but there was also a 12s game. So Iowa would've been the last 12 had there not been a "first four" and those two 12s would've been left out. Have to wait to see who gets the the automatic births though before you can figure out where the last at large bids fall in line. But you'd have to have 26 automatics below a ten seed to actually have 10 seeds playing a first four game. There are only 32 conferences, so you'd have to have a few power conference upsets by bad teams. Pac 12 will probably have one of those this year as Washington probably won't win it, but unless Nebraska, West Virginia, Pitt, UConn, etc level teams also earn automatics that isn't going to happen.