Is there something that tracks and lists refs

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by InGoodCo, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. InGoodCo

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    For each game? I am curious how many games this ref that Fran went after has done this season for Iowa? Was there already history there? I think I heard it mentioned on another podcast that this ref might have been involved in 6 of the 7 games Iowa lost this season. I am not blaming the refs, just looking for some more context and I just want to know for my curiosity.
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    I think it's funny that people thinks refs cant turn a 50/50 game into a 20 point blowout. Call a couple cheap fouls to get their main player to the bench. Call charges and blocks accordingly. Let one team get away with more physical play. Throw in some meaningless fouls on the other team to make it look better. Once the game is well in hand, even out the foul calls a bit to make the final product look better. All of that doesn't even account for how demoralizing it is for the team getting a raw deal. If a ref truly has the agenda of affecting a game, he could manipulate the score by 10-15 points without anyone even noticing. They could still do 20 without looking crooked.
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    There used to be an online database someone ran that listed that stuff, but it’s not around anymore. The easiest way would be to look ESPN app’s Gamecast for each game (some places list it in the box, some don’t). That’s assuming you have the app; most sports fans I know have it which is why I mention it.

    CSR is the best free college sports stats website there is, and surprisingly they don’t list refs in their box scores. Which sucks because they have a great Excel export utility.

    Anyway, the easiest way is probably to check the ESPN Gamecast tabs. A little tedious, but easy.

    Then scroll down...

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  4. Fryowa

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    I out of my own curiosity I checked what you were looking for.

    He reffed the Wisconsin, Purdue, Minnesota, and Ohio State losses. I only checked the losses, so I’m not sure how many other Iowa games he reffed.

    If it’s a slow Friday at work I’ll go through the whole year and tabulate all the ref assignments for you guys.
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    @Fryowa Thanks dude.

    That was what I was curious of, if this guy had done any other Iowa loses. 4 of the 7 it appears. I just assumed there was more history with this particular ref and Fran. I still don't condone what he did, but again, he didn't do it in the game on live TV. The TOSU coach said 3 times, on live TV that there were "2 bullshit calls in a row" - to me that's claiming that a guy is cheating his team. Also, I heard on a podcast that Archie Miller came into the room after the Indiana OT game and told the press that he'd only be answer bleep bleep bleep for 2 minutes - I don't know if it's the sport that fosters these type of behaviors from coaches or what, but it's just not unique to ours IMO.
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    I yell at my TV like an idiot to the point where my wife doesn't even like to be around me during games, and I have no affiliation with the team whatsoever. It makes perfect sense that coaches flip out. Officiating can cost them millions of dollars.
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    Did you read that Tim Donaghy Espn article? Near the end he talked about how easy it really was to shift the outcome of a game. A few calls here and there, target the better players, etc.

    Iowa’s effort was the reason they lost by 20, but two technicals and a flagrant, certainly didn’t help. Plus it was the first flagrant and one I’ve ever seen watching basketball so it was 4 points and the ball. That wasn’t a bad call btw, just a bad play by Baer.
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    If Wessin spent most of the game on the bench like he normally does, and a couple calls go our way instead of theirs, we could have been down 6 instead of 12 with a few minutes left. The way we've ended games lately, who knows what would have happened. It would have been fun to watch tho.

    I will so tho, OSU making every shot they three up made me not even care about the officials that game. It just sucks that they have to be soooo bad that they take so much of the enjoyment out of the game.
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  9. PCHawk

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    Which article by the way?
  10. NikeHawk21

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    I am the same way - my dog can't even be on the same floor of the house as me during a game. I say some of the worst shit you ever heard out of an adult during crucial moments of a game. It really is the only time I'm ever like that at any point in my life. Something about the games bring that out in me and I am typically ashamed of myself when I hear my dog whining to be let out of the house to get away from this crazy maniac.
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    It was a 12 point game at the time of Iowa's T's. It was bouncing between 12 to an 8 point game for a while. Having watched this team close out games over the last month, I felt Iowa was very much in the game at that point. Iowa was hitting big shot after big shot and TOSU was coming down to the other end and getting either a 3 or an "and 1". It just became evident it wasn't going to be Iowa's night and then shit unraveled. That game was much closer then 20 points and everyone knows it so it's not really something that's being railed on which IMO is strange cause it's low hanging fruit for the downers.
  13. TJHawkeye

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    The ref didn't allow a nobody player to have the room to drop 29 points on us. Our defense did that.
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  14. PCHawk

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    If they call a charge against Connor instead of a foul and T, it could have been a game. I think it was the right call, but refs get that one wrong 90% of the time because the defender gets the worst of the contact. One call was an enormous difference. Call 3 more 50/50 calls the other way and it's a completely different game. There are probably 20 50/50 calls in a game. Call 15 of them one way and 5 the other and it's a huge difference without even noticing or doing anything "wrong". Then let one team get away with slightly more contact than the other. Also not something that can be noticed or reprimanded.
  15. PCHawk

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    Are you saying that it can be refs AND players fault at the same time? Crazy.
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  16. BryceC

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    I'm old enough to remember when Iowa fans ripped on ISU fans for stuff like this.
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  17. InGoodCo

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    so you're over a day old?
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    I read somewhere that in the last 2 years, McJunkins has ref'd 15 of our games, and we are 6-9 in those games. However, in those 15 games, 45 more fouls were called against the opposition than against us and we shot something like 50 more free throws in those games.

    So while the end result (W's and L's) isn't in our favor, the foul disparity isn't unusual given that we historically under Fran attempt more free throws than our opponents make.

    Based on that, I'd say there's no bias (unconscious or otherwise) by McJunkins against us....
  19. NikeHawk21

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    Well this is all kind of a conspiracy at this point, but if he is fixing games it is possible that Iowa was that team he favored on certain nights.
  20. HawkPrdatr40

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    Yup! Guess this dates me a bit. I don’t know the age of some of the posters on HN but I do remember Hawk fans not being so anal about officiating. It’s also why I rarely interact in game basketball game threads because from the opening whistle it’s an officials crybaby fest. It’s really over the top.