Is Tiger Woods washed up now or is it a slow death?

Discussion in 'Professional Sports' started by KansasHawkeye, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. KansasHawkeye

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    It doesn't appear that Eldrick has the goods.
  2. SayHawkKid

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    That is not what Joselyn James says
  3. imported_ankle23

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    i am no tigger fan, and i certainly am not cheering for his golf redemption, but i will say that i believe this is his 2nd tournament post-discectomy, lay-off and recovery. i'd give him a year before i completely wrote him off.
  4. trj

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    I think he will win one or two more majors, but I don't think he is catching Jack. He is rapidly closing in on the point where he has to win one major per year to catch Jack before his skills start to big time erode. His short game is a mess, I think the scandal took away his mental toughness. It was all there for him, it was probably lost forever November of '08.
  5. Sparky

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    2013 Stats.

    Evens played 16
    Wins - 5
    2nd - 1
    Top 10 - 8
    Top 25 -10

    Events Played 16
    Wins - 0
    2nd - 1
    Top 10 - 5
    Top 25 - 7

    Tell me exactly what you're basing this on, because it's not his performance obviously.

  6. Sparky

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    Oh look, SayHawk decided to crawl out of his moms basement and spew his nonsense.
  7. uihawk82

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    The layoff from the scandal and natural aging has taken away his mental toughness.

    I stated on this forum several years ago that Tiger had stopped charging his putts a few feet past the whole in favor of 'dying' his putts at the hole. This action shows a less nerve as players like Watson and Nicklaus used to take out break and add speed to drop more long putts and not worry if they had a 3 footer coming back after the miss. He can really have some bad putting rounds now.

    It seems like Tiger is also unsure if he wants to hit a big cut or what. Seems like a lot of pros fall in love with moving the ball too much side to side when they can hit it really straight.

    I am not sure he can put 4 great rounds together at another major and there are so many really great young golfers who seem like they can like rory, day, fowler, scott, rose and others.
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  8. LivermoreHawk

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    His swing right now is way too quick and way too short that he can't hit a driver to save his life. And he's not going to win very many tournaments when you can't put a driver in the fairway.
    But as other have said, this was only his 2nd tournament back and he'll get better and more consistent with time. It probably won't be till next year though to see if he can play well enough and consistent enough to win another major.

    BLKNGOLD48 Well-Known Member

    Tiger will be back, he's finally healthy and his game will keep getting better with more rounds under his belt. He's just rusty right now. Tiger has done so much for the game of golf, and you wouldn't see the coverage or purses without him. He'll be back, probably not this year but expect him to contend next year in majors again. I do however think Jack's record of majors is going to be tough to catch now.
  10. uihawk82

    uihawk82 Well-Known Member

    I thought it was awfully selfish to see Tiger's quote that "Tom Watson should add him to the Ryder Cup team".

    First of all he hardly has any points and tourneys under his belt this year....

    and quite frankly he is a Ryder Cup bust. no other way to say it that the #1 in the world for so long has such a crappy record at the Ryder, and also not clutch.
  11. BLKNGOLD48

    BLKNGOLD48 Well-Known Member

    I thought the quote was not very well timed either. With that said, if I was Tom Watson I would pick Tiger. He's roughly .500 in Ryder Cup matches, not terrible but not great for the world's #1 either. I think Tom will pick him if he plays well at the Bridgestone and PGA Championship. If you asked any of the USA team, they would probably say the same thing.
  12. uihawk82

    uihawk82 Well-Known Member

    I will have to look at the PGA and Fedex cup rankings as well as Ryder Cup points before I weigh in on this.

    I like that top 12 with the exception of Todd who has been hot recently. But after Phil at #12 I would see Tiger as a captain's pick if he is playing better. He needs to start putting and so does phil
    Rank Player Events Points
    1 Bubba Watson 18 6828.14
    2 Jimmy Walker 22 5379.51
    3 Dustin Johnson 19 4844.50
    4 Matt Kuchar 21 4716.48
    5 Jordan Spieth 23 4689.29
    6 Jim Furyk 17 4302.83
    7 Rickie Fowler 23 3831.43
    8 Jason Dufner 18 3466.29
    9 Zach Johnson 23 3396.18
    10 Patrick Reed 20 3301.39
    11 Brendon Todd 22 3177.98
    12 Phil Mickelson 19 3095.09
    13 Webb Simpson 21 3086.07
    14 Chris Kirk 22 3038.95
    15 Harris English 24 2966.57
    16 Kevin Na 21 2831.24
    17 Ryan Moore 22 2829.56
    18 Keegan Bradley 24 2828.76
    19 Erik Compton 22 2458.79
    20 Matt Every 21 2429.78
    21 Kevin Stadler 21 2257.58
    22 Brian Harman 25 2209.25
    23 Gary Woodland 19 2202.88
    24 J.B. Holmes 18 2190.34
    25 Kevin Streelman 22 2125.68
  13. JHHawk

    JHHawk Well-Known Member

    Tiger won 5 tournys last year....nobody else has done that since he arrived on the scene in the late 90's, so no, he is not done.

    It will not be as easy as in his prime, but he will still be in the hunt for the next decade plus.
    I say he will win at least 2 more majors.
    Jack won a bunch more at this same age as Tiger. 4 more.

    He has to be sharp and on top of his game to win majors, and it was not realistic for him to walk out of rehab and win a major within weeks.

    Tiger will be back...soon. As for the Ryder Cup, he should be on this team and will be....for many reasons including sponsorship money. He has been fine in singles, so he is a plus. This years team will be a huge underdog, and the US team needs to get the savvy vets like Zach, Tiger, Duff, and Phil in the mix.
  14. uihawk82

    uihawk82 Well-Known Member

    A big underdog with Rose, Kaymer, mcilroy, mcdowell, donald, henson and others it will be really tough for the us squad.
  15. LG210

    LG210 Well-Known Member

    The post quoted above is the most accurate post in the thread (aside from this post and any future posts that I may make in this thread).
  16. LG210

    LG210 Well-Known Member

    Tiger will contend for majors over the next 3 or 4 years or so (and maybe a one-off in the future, like Nicklaus at the '86 Masters).

    However, to win any of those majors, Tiger will have to play close to his best golf over all 4 rounds. He simply is not as good as he once was, and his competition is significantly better.

    I would not select Tiger for the Ryder Cup. What we have seen from him this year is a missed cut and a 23 stroke loss (which was also a 2 stroke loss to the Ryder Cup captain who will soon be eligible for full social security benefits).

    When Tiger is healthy and in practice, he is certainly one of the best 12 that America has to offer. He may or may not be healthy at this point, but he certainly is not in practice, and that is not going to change over the next two tournaments--at least not to the extent that he is consistently reliable.

    I think this is a point on which reasonable minds can differ, but I would pass on Tiger for the Ryder Cup. However, if Watson selects him, I will cheer for Tiger to bring home 6 points.
  17. LG210

    LG210 Well-Known Member

    Yeah--I think we are going to have a tough tourney this year. I would not bet on the U.S. to win it.
  18. LG210

    LG210 Well-Known Member

    BTW--OP, good topic.

    With a transcendent sports icon coming off an injury, a prior successful (but not fruitful as Tiger would gauge it) season, poor performance in his only two showings, aging (quickly), facing much-improved competition, and with the looming selection of our "national team", there are a lot of potential viewpoints on this topic.

    Nice work, OP.
  19. Sparky

    Sparky Well-Known Member

    I only had the chance to watch one day of golf this past weekend so I didn't a good look at Tiger, but he does look smaller to me. Change in body structure is difficult for a golfer. Especially someone as bulky as Tiger has been in the past. Give him time to adjust his swing and he'll get his shot distance in order an he will be fine.

    Also, I don't see how people think he's done when Tiger would have won at Augusta last year if that shot wouldn't have hit the flag stick.
  20. JHHawk

    JHHawk Well-Known Member

    Watson has at least 6 weeks to determine where Tigers game is lets see how he does at Firestone next week and then at the PGA and the other FedEx playoff events...if he makes the cut...if not, it gets tougher for Watson.