Isaiah Moss Headed to Kansas

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Xerxes

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    I don't follow college basketball recruiting but you would think that with the kind of players Self usually gets this is a pretty legit question even if Kansas isn't what they usually are.
  2. WinOneThisCentury

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    I thinking this means he won't be coming back to Iowa. No way in hell he's the No. 2 option at Kansas. He would be #3 at Iowa...behind Weiskamp and Garza. I really thought Bohannon's injury may have changed his mind. I wonder if we will ever get the full scoop on this transfer. Seems like there is more to the story.
  3. trj

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    The happy medium is the likely scenario. He averages 10-12 points a game and hits a few big shots here and there. I would bet money that is how his Kansas stint turns out.
  4. JG10Hawk

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    Idk I mean if he rides pine, that's not a good look in the sense that he was a 3 year starter for Fran. Having a 3 year starter completely ride pine wouldn't be good. I should clarify that when I say ride pine, I mean hardly play, as in what Dom Uhl was his last year at Iowa. (Not trying to throw shade at Dom, he was a good dude)

    Without knowing much about their roster breakdown, I'd bet he gets at least role player off the bench type of minutes. He's a legit spot up shooter, which from what I've read, is what they needed.
  5. Tierney

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    Moss seems like a guy that is a little shy and over thinks things. It occurred to me that by extending the three point line might effect his game negatively a lot. Of course, I don't really know what I'm talking about, but it seems logical.
  6. 99topdawg

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    I'm rooting for his team to lose every game and for his coach to get thrown in prison for being a cheater.
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  7. HawkGold

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    KU is not the Kansas of old.

    Add omr of you are bitter old men. He has a dream. He has shown glimpes. Take out all other issues and he was still staring the coaches son in the eyes. A battle he isnt likely to win. You only get one Shot at life.

    To take that last shot at BB how else could he have set himself up better.
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    I like Isaiah, but my cheering for him went out the window when he left Iowa. I would enjoy seeing him not to pass his summer classes, not be eligible for a grad transfer and for him to want to come back to Iowa and for Fran to tell him no.

    That's cold.

    It's not nice. People will say shame on me. I don't care.

    I get that he's a good kid, I get that he competed hard and I don't wish him ill will but I would like to see some karma and harsh reality hit him. He did everything Iowa could have asked him to......except finish his commitment. It really is a kick to the teeth to developmental program like Iowa. It thrives in finding gems and projects that other B1G level schools might not take on, turning them in to players and reaping the benefits of their senior seasons. IM took advantage of what so many players before him have like Marble, Uthoff, White, Jok, etc, but he totally F'd his coach and teammates in the end- the same group of people that afforded him the opportunity to get looks from schools like Kansas. The same people who believed and cared about him for the last 4 years. The same people that downloaded a lot of data, time, resources, love, sweat and tears into his future.

    I firmly believe that Iowa wouldn't accept him back at this point anyways. The team has moved on. Evelyn committed to Iowa knowing he was gone. They are working out without him. Which begs the question. How does that work? I know he's still on scholarship, but does he have access to the weight room? The facilities? The training table? Working out and getting better and preparing for this season is going to be imperative for a player like him and now he's supposedly still has over 9 credit hours to make up before August?

    He's a kid, people make mistakes. No one is 100% on making decisions - but as an Iowa fan, I don't feel any obligation in wishing him to succeed.
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  9. Hawknigh

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    Didn't Kirk say so in an interview? Moss wanted to be #1 or #2 in minutes and shots.
  10. InGoodCo

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    Fran did say that in a couple of interviews that I heard. That he wants to be #1 in shots and minutes and Fran said he hopes he finds that. KS must be the place.
  11. Hawknigh

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    This is the ultimate proof of what a sleezebag Bill Self is. How could he convince Moss that he would get this at Kansas?
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  12. NikeHawk21

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    I heard that Arkansas returned a lot in the backcourt and Moss isn’t likely a top guy at Kansas either. Seems there was more to it than that, but can’t really put a finger on what Moss and his group were thinking at this point. Pretty weird situation.
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  13. PCHawk

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    I don't think there's any way he thinks he will be top dog at Kansas. I think he left because he wanted to be gone. I can root for Cook because he's following his dreams. I can root for Dailey because he wants to play. I'm not going to root for a guy who leaves just because he doesn't want to be here. There are way too many players to root for all of them. Moss is just another player that plays for a different team. I'm with you, fans don't transfer with the player.
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  14. InGoodCo

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    I am friends with Desi Sills father who was a freshman last season at AR. According to him, they ARE loaded at guard including his son. There are a lot of unsure players in that program right now. They also got ANOTHER grad transfer earlier last week, who is also a guard.... and within a day or 2, IM decommitted. What happens if KS brings in another player ? I dunno, maybe IM will change his mind again, but where ever he goes is going to have players he's going to have to compete against (but at least it won't be the coaches kid). He's going to be behind because he still has school to finish (according to other's I've heard, these aren't online classes and the credited hours are a lot for anybody to have on their plate). Weird situation indeed.
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  15. HaydenHawk56

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    Moss at Kansas is like putting an elevator in an outhouse. It don't belong. Good luck to him, he is going to need it.
  16. #1DieHardHawk

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    I think what we are seeing here in a nutshell is some immaturity, which should be expected of college-aged kids.

    At some point, he probably got it in his head that it was an affront to him to have him on the bench in crunch time, and, that Fran was going to reduce his minutes due to the additions of Patrick and Frederick. Maybe his family or perhaps his friends, but, at that age people are highly impressionable and impulsive.

    Is that perception accurate? Maybe. Maybe not. My guess is that Patrick will primarily play at the three and will have very limited minutes as his body catches up with his skill set, so I don't think his addition would have had a significant effect on Moss. CJF? Hard to say. He's intriguing but a complete unknown.

    As others have pointed out, the problem is that wherever he goes, he's going to have competition, and, the competition from an athletic standpoint is higher at KU than at Iowa. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but, ironically, he'll likely end up playing far fewer minutes at Kansas than he would have had he stayed at Iowa.
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  17. HawkGold

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    With your intense knowledge of KU and knowing what is going on, what do you call a coach who runs off all 3 contributing black players andplays his sons with terrible shooting form and gets kicked out of games and gets suspended at a crucial point?

    Is that a sleezebag?
  18. HawkGold

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    Getting a date wuth a prettier girl who might be a better fit is immature? Getting a better job that may or may not work out when you only have 1 year left to work is immature.

    Seems to be doing just fine
  19. InGoodCo

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    Yeah it does, I work really hard to be a good person on a daily basis to my fellow man. I really feel strongly that IM f'd the Hawks, the team I follow, with little to no regard for the program or his team mates or the people that were in place to support and build him up. A big part of me hopes his delusions of grandeur back fires. If that makes me a dick, so be it.
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  20. NikeHawk21

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    Thanks for the perspective. Some wild names in that Kansas starting 5.