Isaiah Moss on the Move Again

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. HaydenHawk56

    HaydenHawk56 Well-Known Member

    Somewhat of a PIggy Altman move here. Come back to Iowa.
  2. koralakers

    koralakers Well-Known Member

    Would LOVE him back. Primed for a big season with our attrition and our run and gun style. Could see him putting up over 15 a game easy
  3. koralakers

    koralakers Well-Known Member

    And with the 4 and 5 star talent all over KU roster, not sure minutes would be as great as IA for sure
  4. revkev73

    revkev73 Well-Known Member

    The Iowa recruiting scene is quite unpredictable. I am not sure if it is entertaining, but it is something.
  5. PCHawk

    PCHawk Well-Known Member

    Maybe Fran read this board and realized he needed more black players to even out the numbers, so now he actually wants Moss back.
  6. WinOneThisCentury

    WinOneThisCentury Well-Known Member

    Good to see you are coming around...thanks PC.
  7. HawkGold

    HawkGold Well-Known Member

    Moss, the 17th ranked grad transfer decommitted the day Arkansas signed the #1 ranked grad transfer.

    Shame on some of you. He wants to play.
  8. hawkdrummer1

    hawkdrummer1 Well-Known Member

    but apparently not compete for playing time.
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  9. PCHawk

    PCHawk Well-Known Member

    Just go down a level if you want to play. There are plenty of mid majors he could tear it up at. He could be the man and score 20 points per game there. It would just take him 5 unforced turnovers per game to get there.
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  10. revkev73

    revkev73 Well-Known Member

    He thinks he is a sure fire NBA first rounder, just needs opportunities. Living his dream.

    Iowa hasn't filled the NBA with talent the last few decades, why not look around, find that place?
  11. seepig

    seepig Well-Known Member

    He could be a superstar at Drake in the Valley or even UNI.
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  12. PCHawk

    PCHawk Well-Known Member

    Find the place that turns him into an NBA player in one year?
  13. ATLHawkeye

    ATLHawkeye Well-Known Member

    He's a senior grad transfer... Of course he doesn't want to compete for playing time! Playing time with a program he thinks can better further his NBA aspirations is the only reason he left. If they brought in a guy that looks like he's going to take much or most of his playing time, I don't blame him at all for looking elsewhere. I still think he should have stayed a Hawkeye, though.
  14. revkev73

    revkev73 Well-Known Member