Jake Sullivan's Son Commits to Hawkeye Football

Discussion in 'Football' started by RobHowe, Nov 24, 2019.

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    Oooh, I'll be the meltdown on Cyfan is gonna be good.
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    Plus Griffin Liddle!
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    Jake Sullivan is a good dude. Idiots from both fan bases will probably make too much of this.
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    4 star and 2nd ranked player in Minnesota. Take that PJ.
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    Iowa State really wasn’t recruiting him, and this is the first I’d heard about him in a while. That said, the kid has an amazing story and Jake is somebody that I have a ton of respect for. I was always hoping the staff would recruit him harder but they are the ones building the roster.

    I was trying to find an article I read once about how Jake first met him in Africa and he just didn’t feel like the kid had a future there and basically adopted him. Great story all around and I’ll be rooting for him all the way.
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    I think this is what you were looking for:

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    Anyone who adopts or fosters children in need, whether it's a permanent placement or just overnight, gets high marks in my book. I speak from first hand experience (as a parent, not the child)
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    This entire story of this whole family is remarkable. Their journey and what they have done in Africa is outstanding.
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    Damn you Bryce, why can't you react like a typical clone?? Why do you always have to be so reasonable?
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    Nothing to be unreasonable about here. Didn't have an ISU offer, is part of a family that I am at least somewhat tied to due to us going to the same church in Ames, and you're talking about a family situation that is geared entirely toward helping people who need it. My wife has some cousins like this and their self sacrifice to me is simply breathtaking.
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    He had a recent interview after his verbal and stated most of his Dad's family have always been Hawkeye fans. His Dad had more of a challenge convincing them in his day that he was going to be a Cyclone. Guess quite a number of relatives on his Dad's side reside around IC.

    Developmental record, quality education, businesslike approach to the game, staff consistency, just a good fit for him........all factors in his decision now even though others were entering the picture.
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    It's only 5 recruits so far but the 2021 class is already looking really good.
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    Are we looking at any new OC recruits in this class? Iowa is at #114 in TDs scored, with a three year starting QB!