James Morris flunked Physical

Discussion in 'Football' started by GrandpaHawk, May 20, 2014.

  1. GrandpaHawk

    GrandpaHawk Well-Known Member

    Just reported on KCRG that he didn't pass his physical so they cut him.They didn't elaborate on what the problem was.
  2. thetrza

    thetrza Well-Known Member

    Not possible, he was Doyle-ized.
  3. imported_ankle23

    imported_ankle23 Well-Known Member

    wonder how long, how many years, he played with the injury?
  4. SonofaSailor

    SonofaSailor Well-Known Member

    I hope it's nothing serious health wise!
  5. 528646

    528646 Well-Known Member

    Weird - no idea what this might be all about, but I hope it's nothing serious health-wise
  6. The

    The Well-Known Member

    Maybe Kirk was wrong? Maybe JM will not play in the NFL for "years"?
  7. docholihawk

    docholihawk Well-Known Member

    Unfortunate for this young man, hopefully he heals is on a NFL roster soon. Bill Belichick has been known to cut players only to resign them later. On a brighter note Conor Boffeli who was cut by the Vikings on Monday was signed to the Houston roster on Tuesday. Hopefully both Conor and James Ferentz make their final roster.
  8. HawkinGoferLand

    HawkinGoferLand Well-Known Member

    Whete was James last year? Was he in a pract squad?
  9. LG210

    LG210 Well-Known Member

    Kind of wish this was a word.
  10. SpiderRico

    SpiderRico Well-Known Member

    Didn't he have a shoulder issue a year or 2 back?
  11. HawkeyeMHA

    HawkeyeMHA Well-Known Member

    In related news, Solon will have a new Culvers!
  12. WegsBabyUnk

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  13. guffus

    guffus Well-Known Member

    This may as simple as he did not perform at certain pre-defined physical requirements.

    Maybe he did not run fast enough. Maybe he did not display enough agility running through the cones.

    Or maybe he is hurt, limiting his moblity.
  14. jsmith337

    jsmith337 Well-Known Member

    I doubt that, this has something to do with his health and or an injury versus his physical competence.
  15. 99topdawg

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  16. CAARHawk

    CAARHawk Banned

    There should be a special conversion for playing years for Iowa football players based on percentage of snaps.

    Yunno, like for every year starting at Iowa, it would equal 3 or 4 years at any other college. Consequently, for every year as a back-up it only counts for about a tenth of a regular season.

    When people call KF a conservative coach, they mean conservative with respect to concentrating snaps to benefit the few instead of the many.
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  17. 99topdawg

    99topdawg Well-Known Member

    From the article linked above:

  18. 99topdawg

    99topdawg Well-Known Member

    Aaron Hernandez shot him.
  19. CAARHawk

    CAARHawk Banned

    McCabe sucker-punched him.
  20. HawkMD2007

    HawkMD2007 Well-Known Member

    He was with Sash in Osky and got tazed....