Jess Settles talks Garza getting snubbed and says Luka will be back next year for Final 4 run

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by EstronHawkKing, Mar 25, 2020.

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    I sure hope he's right!
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    Well that Settles that then. Luka is coming back.
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    I think we have been so conditioned by our early exits in football that we just assume that any good player at Iowa will go pro as soon as he can. BB is much different than football for lots of reasons.

    I have never thought Luka was likely to leave early, and by all accounts, he is not.
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    Pun intended I'm assuming.
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    It was low-hanging fruit, I know.
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    Hey man it's always welcome here. Own it and run with it.
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    As long as you weren't Jess kiddin'.
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    The lack of a Big and NCAA tourney, is what brings Garza back, in my opinion. He wants the national spotlight, chance for a Big title and final four run. I bet Wiese doesn't want to go out that way either. That and a chance to get the band back together with JBo coming back, how can anyone turn that down? Teams in the Big will still be great, Illinois has a chance to bring a great team back with an amazing recruiting class, same at many of the schools, but I just have to give the hunger to Iowa to achieve something great next year.
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    Wisconsin also returns everyone but Pritzl, and has the best incoming class in the Greg Gard era. They will have Micah Potter for a full season.

    Those bastards will never go away. Illinois hopes will take a huge hit if Ayo decalres, and Feliz is a big loss well.

    Rutgers made a leap forward and if they can learn how to win on the road they will take another one next year. They have the ingredients in place.