Jim Albracht to Replace Gary Dolphin While Suspended

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    He was in top form on that afternoon in West Lafayette when referee Jim Bain had a plane to catch and made sure the game vs Purdue would be decided in regulation.

    It was also the beginning of the end for Lute, who already had fueds going with Bobby Knight and Des Moines Register sportswriters Ron Maly and Marc Hansen. He went after Bain will both barrels blazin in his post game presser.

    Fun fact. Lute beat Bobby and Indiana five of the last six times he played him as Iowa coach.
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    Boom goes the dynamite?
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    Loved Bob Hogue, didn't he go to a major market like LA. He was the Gus Johnson of his time. Hey what about Gus!
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    He was in Hawaii for a while, joined the broadcast for a Iowa UNI game around 1989-1990, or several years after he left.

    Not sure if he ever worked in LA or any other major market.

    He's probably retired by now, but his predecessor Ron Steele is still going at KWWL and is approaching is 45th year with the station.
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    "He had a hunch and got a bunch"
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    Was with Larry Morgan wasn't he?