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    i find that very interesting and probablyexplains the light punishment by the NCAA and how OSU got to get their players eligible for their bowl game
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    I doubt it, since ohiostate.edu is the website for Ohio State Schools of Cosmetology.

    Excellent sleuthing as always, herby.
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    herbyhawk, nailin' it!
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    Ummm. what?
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    How do you think he keeps the shine off of that dome?
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    Lol....herbyhawk has been hitting homeruns for a few weeks now....this was a grand slam tho. Excellent work, just outstanding.....
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    The first thing that should have tipped him off is the misspelling of Delaney. The more and more herby posts the bigger azz he becomes. This is good stuff!!
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    herby is the gift that keeps on giving
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    Give um hell Herby.
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    Herby MVP
    If not, occupy the office
    Of The Committee
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    i just posted what i read on HI by a poster,
    but on here i get ripped for reposting what somebody else found
    if it makes you feel good
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    Dudes, get ready for this bombshell, I read on the internet, that an evil lord named Xenu fills our bodies with the suffering souls of dead aliens, and that is why we feel depressed. Probably explains why Fran is angry all the time.

    I thought you guys might like to hear about that.