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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by NikeHawk21, Mar 11, 2019.

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    Nope, too much experience. It will be Joe W’s sophomore year and many times for blue chippers that’s their break out season which then carries on through the rest of their college csreers. I anticipate next season to be even better than this past season. With Cook gone this will be Garza and Bo’s team with strong contributors like Joe W. The lane will open up and not be as congested especially with two bigs that were out this season who can shoot the ball from twelve feet out and more.

    In the most recent podcast Deace talked about this as I have throughout the season. No we won’t be as explosive around the offensive rim which was Cook’s specialty but the spacing will be much better and now there will be four guys on the floor who can shoot the three ball and another player, Pemsl, who is pretty good with midrange shots and good in the lane and getting garbage put backs. Nunge could be the x-factor if he can hold his own under the basket and in the lane this team could be sneaky good. We all know he can shoot the ball from outside. Then there is our lunch pale player, Kriener. If he can cut out some unnecessary fouling he can definitely be a strong factor. If one of our guards can develop the ability to penetrate and break down defenses then we have the size to really disrupt defenses. That is key though. As Jon pointed out in the podcast if we can’t get penetration then we will be limited to shooting the long ball which will pull the big guys we do have out from around the basket will will limit offensive boards, backdoor, and give and go’s.
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    I see Joe T ...

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    Way to revive an old thread. Two sweet assists in there. Bohannon's been great at running the offense and providing spacing, but I'm looking forward to seeing some flashy passing like that this coming season. Excited for the possibilities.
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    In the clip Toussaint definitely looked like he belongs.
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