Joe Wieskamp Going Through NBA Draft Process

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by RobHowe, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. Xerxes

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    But that doesn't mean he won't leave early. Very few guys that leave college early are NBA guys. Last year 180 college kids left early for only 60 draft spots. I think another 50 or so international players threw their name in the NBA draft pool as well.

    I'm very interested to see what the NBA will do with its age limit requirements. Will they lower it to 18 or abolish it completely? If they abolish it, you're going to start seeing 16-17 year olds in their G league.
  2. Fryowa

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    As long as they require a high school diploma who cares?
  3. Xerxes

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    I think these elite players should be freed up to go pro earlier. I'm all for people making money when/where they can make it. Great tennis and soccer players are millionaires in their teens. Basketball is far more popular in the US than both of those sports so they should be making money too.

    As a fan of college basketball and football its disappointing to see the talent leave early or skip the level all together but I can't blame them.

    It still crazy to me that the NFL is so incredibly powerful that they have been able to keep their age limit where its at. But they may have to change that at some point too. The new XFL is going to try to blow up college football but raiding their players. We'll see if they have the money to get the job done.
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    The NFL is a little bit different in that it's a pretty violent full contact sport and most high school seniors' bodies aren't near developed enough to play it.

    But I agree with abolishing age limits for most sports. If my kid was a savant computer programmer at 18 years old and Google offered him a job I wouldn't exactly tell him he should go to one year of college first and then drop out. That's nonsensical. But we look at sports differently. Just like how coaches can get a half inch from a 17 year-old's face and scream F-bombs and smash chairs and clipboards in public and not get fired. If a professor did any of that they'd get fired and sued by students for abuse, but I digress...
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    I do believe JW will be a slightly better prospect than Marble Jr, A. White, Jok, or Uthoff for what it's worth. We know none of those guys really made it though Marble and Uthoff had a small cup of coffee in it. Whether being slightly better than those guys is good enough to make the NBA I don't know. Maybe not.
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    I'm just here to post gifs and swear like a sailor in the gameday threads where Rob doesn't moderate. As long as those things continue unabated I'm here for lyfe.
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    Thats an interesting comparison. I was wondering if JW could be on the Gordon Hayward path, but Hayward was more of a Forward and I'm not sure how tall JW is officially. He's listed at 6'6" but he looks taller than that.
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    So does this mean @PCHawk can't start the better off without mopkins thread?
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    I would prefer zero threads with my name in the title. I'm more of a lowkey functioning alcoholic, the spotlight would just force me to confront my flaws.
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    I do think you (yes YOU) need to go on the women's BBall forum and start a thread asking if Iowa is better without Megan Gustafson.
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    Two things...

    1) I think most of the folks who loiter there have me on ignore.

    2) If I were the one to start that thread it would be like me going back in time and killing my grandfather. I'm pretty sure the universe would implode.

    But... I think the funny factor would be worth it.
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  12. WindsorHawk

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    I think he is going to be more than slightly better than these guys. Time will tell.
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    What he needs is the God given stuff that aint comin’ (quicks) as he’ll need to play guard. I’m giving him the benefit of getting the handles and dead eye range and lethal slashing ability. Those aren’t given either. But quicks you either have or you don’t
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    "You gotta let the peacock fly!"

    - Frank Garza

    Pure gold.
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    A 6’6 guy with a 7’ wingspan needs to play point guard? Ya you know what you’re talking about.

    Joe projects as a 3 and D role guy in the NBA. Many guys have made nice careers in that role. He’s not there yet but has plenty of size to play in the NBA on the wing.
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    He doesn't know what he is talking about. If JW wore a Cyclone jersey he would be the greatest thing ever. In @oldhawk12's mind he would be the 2nd coming of Jeff Hornacek.
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    I heard Pmac declared for the NBA
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    If he can I will too. Is there a statute of limitations?
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    No because Joe has game. Moss showed more this year. If Moss goes this year it's not a stretch like last year. Cook has always had potential, but the NBA is a league of offense, I had no problem with Cook testing the waters, I only worried about people being honest with him and his chances on making a roster. I knew if they were honest with him he would be back.
  20. Zstatman

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    Although I might add, last year at this time Kevin Huerter out of Maryland, Fran's old ball boy at Siena, seemed to be testing the waters and next thing you know he's starting for the Atlanta Hawks.