Joe Wieskamp Going Through NBA Draft Process

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    Iowa was a crazy good fast break team Roy got many points in transition and he played good defense, creating scoring opportunities. I stand by his frustration in the half court game when a team managed to slow us down. He was always trying to fine tune his shot, with the game on the line he did not trust it. The best shot of his career came a 1/2 second late against Minnesota.
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    Joe and Roy are not really the two we should be comparing. TC and Roy really are probable the closest in their careers at Iowa. Both freakish athletes without a jumpshot. If Roy Sr. could have shot the 3 like his son, Hall of Fame player.
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    That shot should have counted. It was a length of the court pass similiar to this year's Rutgers game. In both cases, the 1989 Minnesota game and this February's Rutgers game, the clock started early. It didn't matter against Rutgers. It did against Minnesota. Also, band members that day were reflecting lights off their instruments and into the eyes of our free throw shooters. I'd be shocked if we shot 60% and it may have been a lot less.

    Back to Roy, I saw those games, many of them in person. Yes, he had an inconsistent shot. Yes, we played uptempo when possible. But again, he scored 2,116 points. I'm guessing a good many of them were in half court sets. He was active around the basket, sneaking in for tip ins and lay ins. He scored many of points that way. Alley oop plays. They all added up, some of them in a quiet manner.
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    I was glad to see Joe finish the season without getting hurt. He looks like he needs a year on the weights at least. He is an exceptional shooter, and has a high basketball I.Q. . It will be interesting to see how his strength develops. The guy is a good player.
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    Oldhawk has proven time and again he knows absolutely nothing about strength of schedule. He uses nobody else's metric, just his own, which is stupid.
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    I was at the Kingdome for this shot


    That was the best Hawkeye team that I have ever seen, and I have watched all of them from Ralph Miller's big ten undefeated champs. That team was on a par with Dr Tom's first year team.....

    Hawks could have been National Champ wtih both those teams, but that is an elusive trophy to add to the shelf

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    Roy didn't shoot a ton of threes. He didn't need to. He averaged 1.6 threes per game his senior year. His 3 point percentage was close to 49%: .396, BJ was .397. However, Roy did have his games especially at Illinois near the end of the regular season his senior year. Lou Henson said he had never anyone play against him like Roy did that game. I believe had 37/38 points that game, a losing cause. Illinois won 118-94.

    The Hawkeyes were ranked in the Top Ten, 22 weeks that year and came within a Ray Thompson suspension in the NCAA tournament from making a run to the Final Four. Rodney Monroe destroyed them the second game of the tournament. They lost by 6 in a double OT game. Ray was perhaps the best defender on the team and could have stopped Monroe from having the game of his life againt the Hawks.....

    Alack and Alas–89_Iowa_Hawkeyes_men's_basketball_team

    What could have been will always be with us

    From Having to play for the National Championship against Bill Russel and the San Francisco Dons

    To losing Connie Hawkins his freshman year because he said hello to someone who was a know gambler at MSG during Christmas vacation


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    Connie Hawkins would, on occasion, take two basketballs, dribble both of them the full length of the floor, and then simultaneously dunk both of them. Saw it.
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    Friend of mine from DM was on the freshman team with Connie and told me about that

    We could have made the Final Four 3 years in a row with Connie on the team

    There have only been so many players with his skill level ever

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    Dr Tom coached in the All Star Classic in Orlando after the 1989 season. Roy was MVP, BJ got sent home early when he busted his hand. That post-season get-together was LOADED with talent, including Kenny Battle, Kendall Gill, Stacey King, George McCloud, Dana Barros, Todd Lichti, et. al. I'm pretty sure Glen Rice was scheduled to be there but backed out.

    The Orlando Iowa Club hosted a get-together with Dr. Tom and his wife. They couldn't have nicer people. At a Q & A session someone asked for Ray Thompson's status, with the answer being, "I really can't comment on that". When asked about BJ's status, his answer was, "It's really hard for a kid to sit by and watch everyone else at this type of event. It's harder when he wants to support teammates and friends, but even harder when he knows he has to get back to make sure an injury won't derail a season, or maybe more". Luckily it was just a basic fracture that healed normally. When asked about draft prospects for the three seniors (BJ, Roy, Ed), he was visibly proud, and said that a lot of the NBA depends on "good fit", but he expected all three to have good prospects.

    Nobody asked, but we all speculated that Ed Horton was never the same after he fouled Jay Burson form Ohio State, ending Burson's season (Burson had to have a halo because of a neck fracture). Ed seemed "tentative" the last part of the season.
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    that was a tough OU team, also. yeah, the original KG. :)

    i really wonder why iowa stopped getting that type of talent. george raveling was an outstanding recruiter.
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    Completely forgot about the Burson incident. Eddie played strong for certain. Makes sense that if would affect his play afterwards.....

    I can still hear BJ, after Ed got a rebound yelling:

    Eddie,.Eddie, get his attention and pass the ball quickly

    Could hear it over the sneakers squealing and squeaking

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    C’mon Man!
    You could have helped save the planet by putting the period after “nothing”
    and stopped.
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    I once saw Glen Worley run the whole length of the court and pick up 4 fouls without touching the ball.
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    I keep hearing innuendo about recruiting malfeasance in that 1987 group. Jon makes reference to it frequently. Anyone have real dirt? I was there then and we didn't hear anything off about the bball team other than nose candy references.
    Ed Horton once came to a party at our house...
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    Ed Martin was a booster that helped Michigan get the Fraud Five and 2 vacated championship appearances. He was also close with Raveling and helped Iowa gain players. Roy Marble said after his playing days, "I came here because of Ed, not because of George."

    Ed Martin--Sometimes I gave gifts to parents: cologne, cakes, a few dollars here or there, something like that. I gave a cake to Roy Marble when I went to Flint. And Terence Green, when he was a big star up at Flint, I left him a sweater. Marble, I bought him a sweater, too.
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    Can we get this thread back on track? If you want to reminisce about old Iowa teams start a new thread.
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    The reminiscing is more fun.